Tuesday, 21 October 2008


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I’ll be gone till November 7th! You behave and miss me!

Oh….and someone please feed the bunnies so they don’t munch away all my leek. Thanks! (^-^)v


Saturday, 10 May 2008

Weekend Quiz!

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Thema Felix from shopping cart disco asked for it. I love questionnaires, filling them out and reading about others…hope someone finds that interesting as well. You can read all about it here!

This might come in handy, if you’re having some kind of sleeping disorder as well! Yay!

Which do you prefer?

1. When you hear about a new release, which are you most likely to run out and buy: hair, shoes, or clothes?

all of them, to be honest…and skins as well, of course!

2. Skin choice: pale, tan, coloured (like green), or dark? Blond, brown, red, or black hair?

Anything but “coloured”…the same with hair, whatever goes with the outfit and the skin. That’s why I usually by fat-packs.

3. Which event do you most likely put on your calendar: fashion show, live concert, store sale, sim opening, club contest, or a class?

Most of those things are in the middle of the night or on the weekend, so I don’t write it down (except CSR2008!)…I just go with the flow *makes some weird arm movement to simulate a wave or something*

4. What’s your ideal SL™ job?

If it wasn’t about talent, I’d love to design “stuff”…if money wasn’t a problem, I’d go with my own sim and rent out parts of it (residential and all my favourite stores) *sighs* not really a job, eh?

5. Sexy clothing preference: silks, lingerie, or revealing clothing(mini skirts, super tight dresses, etc)?

no preferences there…usually all I manage is cute and maybe a bit cute-mean and cute-scruffy.

6. Facial hair on male avies (or yourself, if you are male): yea or nay?

Really depends on the whole look, so no general “no” on this one.

7. Land home or skybox?

Both! (if I’d to chose: land!)

8. Decorating your walls: SL™ photos, objects, RL photos, or RL art?

SL photos, objects and art (come and have a look! ;-))

9. Do you prefer to own land or rent?


10. Small boutiques or large stores?


11. Photo-realistic skins and clothing or hand-drawn?

both, “too” photo-realistic isn’t my thing

12. For your one-on-one conversations, do you prefer voice or typed chat?


13. Prim objects or sculpties?

really depends…sculpties offer more interesting designs…aren’t they prims as well anyway?

14. Bling, effect sounds, and particle effects: on or off?

Oh, please NO! (for avatars, particles from plants etc Oh, Yes!)

15. (If you use one) What photostudio do you like best?

Switched recently to Photosphere…thanks to Mira 😉

16. Face light: necessary or blinding?

necessary, but it has to be one, that’s not lightening up the whole sim

17. Do you pick up all the freebies you find or only pick the ones from designers you know?

I pick up freebies I like. They usually give a good idea about the designer and if I like it, I come back and buy something “real”….Lots of freebies are rather simple.

18. Pre-fab buildings: do you own one? Do you like them?

Luv’em! I think I have three? One skybox, two houses.

19. Would you rather be a Furry or Tiny?


20. Graphic settings: Short draw distance or long? Release Candidate or standard viewer? Avatar imposters (yes/no)?

short draw for shopping, long for enjoying sims; Release Candidate; What does Avatar imposters do? There’s a tick next to it…*shrugs*

21. Sim design: tropical island, residential neighborhood, urban streets, or themed fantasy (or another type I didn’t think of)?

I’m dreaming of a mixture of Straylight and fantasy suburbia.

22. When not in a club or concert, do you stream music or turn it off?

Always on! I stream VirginXtreme on my land.

23. Flickr: Woot? Ick? (add me as a contact so I can see your stuff!)

Love it! Great for downtimes! 😉 Flickr me!

24. What’s your favorite place to explore or hang out (that isn’t a shopping area)?

my home

25. Animation Overriders: Do you prefer to make your own or buy a set? And where’s the best place to go for them? (I’m actually shopping around for another, so this is a selfish question ;)

Sets! Cova isn’t that expensive and I have a few from there. The male versions are really good as well, I wear them all the time 😉

oh…ANA_Mations isn’t bad either!


Friday, 22 February 2008

just a quickie

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ripped womens undies in a tree

Found those words in my statistics…used for a search…

I get “ripped undies” but in a tree? Very confusing, maybe a church in a box can help there? *haha*

*gone again for a week or so*

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

under construction

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Please excuse the look of this blog. I’m all new to this and have to take very little steps.

Enjoy a photo while you wait 😉

Leek my day!

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