Monday, 21 January 2008

Last of October

I had the dress for quite some time…Halloween was a good opportunity to give it a little revitalisation.


dress (gloves, color, belt included): Cecilia from Paper Couture

hair: Crinaeae (Pink Burnt) from *Lucky!* Crimson & Clover

skin: white – nude violet from Nomine

eyes: Cherry Blossom from Miriel

date: 31/10/07


Saturday, 22 December 2007

Gold!……….I think

I was invited to a wedding and surely needed something to dress appropriately. I took the chance buying this ensemble from Paper Couture, which I actually quite liked before, but it always felt too elegant for me (at that time, now I don’t really care when I like something…but I’m still not into gowns….urgs). I think the crazy but chic hairstyle gives it a nice edge. I wore a matching bracelet…couldn’t find it though…*sighs*

Do I have to mention, that the marriage didn’t last very long? I wonder what happened to the expensive baby ….I’d just marry for fun or money (or both) in SL…well, RL as well har-har.


Picture taken by Windlight-Geek

Clothes: Malaria (tights included) from Paper Couture

shoes: silk wrapped shank heel – portabello from Paper Couture

hair: Crinaeae (Blonde Burnt) from *Lucky!* Crimson & Clover

earrings: Crystal Drop Earrings – bling from Paper Couture

skin: lily (sunkiss) *candy* from artilleri

eyes: Fire from Miriel

Monday, 17 December 2007

Sleepy in Pink


When I saw this dress, or better said set (top and skirt), at Cherry Tokyo’s Kimonos I had to buy it. I had nothing much to go with it in my inventory. The hair was easy, but finding the boots nearly killed me (sorry….I said nearly har-har). After all that hard work I was really, really pleased with myself. And I still quite like it, the longer I stare at it. So if you don’t like it, stare at it!


Pictures taken by Windlight-Geek (click for a better stare)

top and skirt: Frenchy from Cherry Tokyo’s Kimonos

hair: Amanda (Pink Burnt) from *Lucky!* Crimson & Clover

eyes: Cherry Blossom from Miriel

skin: Sun Kissed-Spring-Frosty Petunia from Gala Skins

necklace: Find Your Way Necklace – Silver/Pink from Miriel

ring: Moodra Ring (Pink Blush) from Tickled Pink

boots: Sleek laceup boots 2.0 – steel from Shiny Things

Thursday, 13 December 2007

The Survivor

This wasn’t exactly my first outfit. I had a few, which were built from the fruits (oh, dear) of my first shopping attack at LastCall/Canimal and with my first bought shape, which had way too huge tits breasts, was too tall and no modify. Those days I was happy just finding stuff that matches…I didn’t really know what was out there. Poor little me….aaaawww.

So this is the one that survived several “OMG what happened to my inventory?”-moments.

My first…kinda

I’m an awful photographer (obviously), but I couldn’t wait for my dear windlight-geek-friend (hope, he doesn’t read this) to get in the right mood, so I just made this oh, so cute shot myself. Yeah, the poster really scared me there…

Kimono: army yukata kimono female green from CREAMSHOP

Hair: Amanda (Greenie) from *Lucky!*, now Crimson & Clover

Fan: Animated Fan – Multi from *CTK* Cherry Tokyo’s Kimonos

Shoes: Mishi’s Lucky Cat Platforms from She’s So Unusual Shoes my very first pair of non-freebie shoes YAY!

Skin: Sun Kissed-Spring-Katydid from Gala Skin

Eyes: Basic Brown from Miriel

Poster: Emily The Strange fanart by Takamura Keiko (link to myspace site)

Edit: I had to change the title of this post. Hope nobody thought it was about my first sexual adventure in SL…which hasn’t happened and hopefully won’t happen. 😉

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