Monday, 16 June 2008

Two of a kind…kind of

I read about Gbberish on one of the fashion blogs, luckily I can’t remember what I saw there, but it made me go to the shop and buy these two lovely knitted dresses. The original blog post was about another item, I think it had to do with the scarves….hmm….

I did the left outfit first and when I was planing to “use” the other dress, I thought it might be interesting to make it almost the same. Same in the sense, that the items are at least from the same designer, preferable the same model.

The dresses are available in various colours and patterns, they come with two pairs of socks as well. The top is on the jacket layer and the glitch pants are on the underpants layer. Very cleverly I notice now, that you can’t actually see the design of the top part of the dress. It has one strap that’s garnished with a nice little prim bow. Check this fun-shot in case you’re really interest! 😉

I looove these shoes from Armidi so much, that I had to bark at myself not to use it with every outfit. They squeeze your little ugly feet in such a nice way and give you great posture and they even are very comfy! They come in a ton of colours with various sole/heel colours as well. While I was shopping for the shoes, I had my usual fight with the camera and landed on those bangles, which are perfect for both dresses! Yay!

COIF makes amazing low-prim hair and still gives you a special look (OK, maybe it is the low-prim that makes the look special…har-har). Some might not like the unnatural style, but the texture is actually very good and the the left one (Disco Goddess) has even some frizzy hair poking out! I think the kaput viewer-graphics-card-relationship (those bitches!) made the hair look to spiky, it’s really nicely cut and styled and very round! There are two stores out there, I’ll add the one where I got both styles, there’s another shop on the Silent sim, try the profile of the owner (Paulie Tamale).


dress: One Love – Knitted Dress (Breeze) from Gbberish (worn with Burgundy socks)

shoes: Viniani Heel – Chocolat from Armidi

bangle: Healing Koi Bangle – Daisy from Armidi

hair: Disco Goddess – Silver from COIF

eyes: Delta Eyes – Brown from Detour

skin: Umber-makeup4-Freckles from Minnu Model Skins

pose: *fresh poses* 283 from AnaLu (mirrowed)

ARC: 966

date: 02/05/08


dress: One Love – Knitted Dress (Honeysuckle) from Gbberish (worn with Green socks)

shoes: Viniani Heel – Chiffon from Armidi

bangle: Healing Koi Bangle – Dandelion from Armidi

hair: Artemis – Copper from COIF

eyes: Delta Eyes – Brown from Detour

skin: not for sale (Another Skin, altered by Tokoro)

pose: *fresh poses* 283 from AnaLu

ARC: 970

date: 06/05/08

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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Calm down, dear!

2008-04-01_00010.jpgFinally I got my finger out of the socket (the thing where the electricity stuff comes out) and went back to a “normal” look.

I was looking for a skin with a too-much-sun-and-embarrassed-as-well-glow (any suggestions are welcome!) and there I saw it at the skin fair and bought it! The lovely dress is from AOHARU and you can grab it in 10 colours, all with little daisies (?). Feeling a bit cold I FINALLY got me the hugging cardi from KUROTSUBAKI and fell over the cute watch. Lucky fall! 😉

As usual I read about the hair on the blogs *hrhr*…I should really make bookmarks of them in the future, at least when I’m more up-to-date with my posts.

Sorry, that I’ve forgotten to take the cardi off for one tiny shot. The dress is sleeveless, but you should go to AOHARU anyway and check out the amazing styles by yourself.


dress: FlowerShower_OP_Brown from AOHARU

cardigan: knit_half_sweater_ivory from KUROTSUBAKI

shoes: Dhali Bow Platforms from Armidi

watch: leather bangle watch from KUROTSUBAKI

hair: Reon Brwon from Tukinowaguma

eyes: Dark Brown Eyes from Minnu Model Skins

skin: Vanilla Parfait 3 from Fleur

pose: Same old bag of tricks from PUDGE

date: 04/03/08

SL, Second Life, Windlight, Linden and SLurl are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Panic Attack!

The one or two people out there who follow my blog with excitement *harhar* know, I’m not doing really any review-posts, just the occasional Look what I found!blogHUD-post. I’m more into creating perfect (perfect to me, some might hate it…hope not) outfits and showing them off. Of course it’s nice, if anyone’s getting some inspiration from it. So this outfit doesn’t contain anything new…well, the hair (thanks to this blog I finally noticed the arrival) was new when I put the outfit together. The skin is a result from my panic buy at Tuli (if you really wanna know: click!) and the top and pants are from the OMG-Last-Call-will-be-gone-have-to-buy-…-ANYTHING-tour, both being from different sets/outfits. I’d like to point out, that the hair looks very funny with this pose…


top: Yelena Semi-sheer Tunic (nightsky) from Last Call (worn with the golden bikini-top from the set)

pants: Dana Corduroy Pants (brown belt) (amethyst) from Last Call

shoes: Vidalia Pump [FuiFui Magi] from Armidi

earrings: Acer Earring from Junk

hair: WindBlown (Black) from Aden

eyes: black eyes from Tuli

skin: S3 pale tone/black brows ~ halo purple from Tuli

pose: Angelina Jolie did this move to bulk up for Tomb Raider. from PUDGE

date: 01/02/08

Monday, 17 March 2008

Where are my headphones???

Funny story….well, not really. I’ve mentioned the sock-till-you-drop-shopping earlier (1L$ per pair) and I really, really wanted to use the white/light pink based socks…My brain told me to buy a simple dress, preferably in black…it also told me, that I’d seen something quite nice at Maitreya. You can see, that it didn’t really worked out. It’s a well balanced, perfectly put together blahblah outfit, but it does not have the colourful socks…it just didn’t work. Of course I’m rather pleased with this anyway, ’cause it’s simplicity is just beautiful. I’d like to point out that the dress has an amazing fit, although it’s a prim-skirt (they never fit perfectly…well, considering, what I call perfect ;-))


dress: Sendal Dress – Black from Maitreya

socks: roslin’s retro leggings! (red) from corduroy

shoes: Dalia Pump – Black from Armidi

hair: Libby – Fire Blackened from ETD

eyes: black eyes from Tuli

skin: Spectral F [Lost Gloom Slayer] from Whispers of Night

pose: Dr. DJ MD from PUDGE

date: 09/01/08

Monday, 18 February 2008


To speed things up after a few lazy busy days, I’ve decided to put three outfits in one post. (Wow, important announcement!)

From now on I’ll try to include the poses as well (needed a kick from Ana Lutetia). How exciting is that?



This is another dress from Versteck (why are so few Versteck items on the blogs?), which I bought on my day of mourning (s. here) . The shoes are very useful if you need some quick terrain alterations. 😉

dress: Nena from Versteck

tights: Tintable Tights Targets 1 from Veschi

shoes: Vendetta Boots from Primitive Design

cuffs: Spiked Cuff – Light Dark from Primitive Design

hair: NeoPunk II – Black Green from Deviant Kitties Designs

eyes: (True Enhance) Eyes – Mystic from Armidi

skin: Pale SkinGloss(Freckles)-Teacher from Minnu Model Skins

pose: Pissin’ In An Alley In Texas from Hiccup

date: 05/12/07


Having discovered the Sexy Second feed, I somehow ran into some shops for dancers and escorts (it had signs on the wall stating that…not anymore though). Sounds bad, but I saw some nice glitter-outfits there…like this one. Haha!

dress: INCREDIBLE from D-Factor

shoes: Kyoto Boots – Gold Leather from Armidi

cuffs: Pyramid Cuff [White & Gold] from Armidi

earrings: Jacey Star Earring (Antique Gold) from Last Call

shades: reptile sunglasses *black* from artilleri

hair: Afro large from MAU’s & MEJ’s

eyes: (True Enhance) Eyes – Dark Chocolate from Armidi

skin: Dark SkinGloss-Disco from Minnu Model Skins

pose: Sassy Stand1 (Narrow Hips) from Decollage

date: 07/12/07


When those happy skulls dresses came out at lilolOops I had to buy one…it took me some time to finally make an outfit with it. I know, the shoes aren’t a great match, but if you look closely (harhar) all the colours in the shoes are in the dress! Yay!

dress: mexican happy skulls dress from from lilolOops

shoes: “Suzzy Flowers” from Periquita

hair: Camdyn II – Shiny Black from Sinsation

eyes: (True Enhance) Eyes – Mystic from Armidi

skin: female white – noctem tears from Nomine

pose: Girls out front! from Hiccup

date: 07/12/07

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

First of December!

First of all I’d like to apologise to all the fashion.iheartsl.com<3-readers, who had to scroll away my blogHUD-madness lately. It should work now properly (was my fault of course) and only brilliant fashion posts should percolate through…haha 😉

I jumped a few very casual outfits from November; they were basically jeans+T-shirt…nothing I hadn’t worn before. Having said that I’d still like to present this very casual and bland outfit. Well, bland for usual SL-relations…

I can’t remember (as always) exactly, but from the bracelet saved with the outfit, it must have been around the time Le Zoo opened its TPs to the public; the lovely Les Animaux Vintage Souvenir Charm Bracelet (wow, what a name), which is still available at Argyle Boutique or the gift-shop on Le Zoo (for freeeee!). Clever-me chose a picture for the blog, where you actually can’t see the bracelet. For the very keen ones I’d like to refer to a picture on my flickr page.

The denims and the shoes are both from Armidi. They have an amazing quality particularly the shoes. The picture doesn’t quite catch that. The whole shoe looks like a real shoe! I’d loved to show you, but I easily get cold feet these days. OK, I haven’t thought about it, when I took the pictures earlier (>.<); . The denims come in three styles in one pack: Capris, Regular and Skinny. The skinny version is ideal for the pants-in-boot-look (when worn without the lower prim-part of course). I’d say these are my favourite pair of denims at the moment…

The shirt from Tres Blah is available in different colours. Be aware, that it’s on the jacket layer only (well, at point of purchase it was).


top: stripey goodness (brown) from Tres Blah

pants: (F/Skinny) A001 Jeans [Faded Classic] from Armidi

shoes: (F-Size 0) – Skull S001 Shoe (Blk/Silver) from Armidi

hair: dallas *black* from artilleri

eyes: (True Enhance) Eyes – Deep Sea from Armidi

skin: Pale SkinGloss(Freckles)-Teacher from Minnu Model Skins

date: 03/12/07

Friday, 1 February 2008

Rug me!

I remember (wow!) lurking around CREAMSHOP again and again, especially around those rugs with anchors and crowns; then I saw some Japanese avatar wearing both…I interpreted that as a sign and went shopping.

The hair was a real fight, I had to buy two packs from Armidi until I found that hair colour (No, I couldn’t tell from the colours on show), which is a great match. The top from DUTCH TOUCH was a mistake at first, because I was using add to outfit, but it happened to look rather good. 😉


top (jacket layer): Milano Halter Top – Bronze from Armidi

top (shirt layer): Purple CrossTop Sheer Striped from DUTCH TOUCH

pants: (F/Skinny) A001 Jeans [Regular Industrial] from Armidi

skirt: Check Charm waistcloth (brown) from CREAMSHOP

shoes: Vidalia Pump [Dk Brown Croc] from Armidi

hair: – The Roxy – Phoenix (Tipped) from Armidi

skin: female light med tan – punk sidhe blue from Nomine

eyes: (True Enhance) Eyes – Deep Sea from Armidi

date: 15/11/07

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