Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Punk Princess and The Peacock


Sorry no princess, no peacocks! Ever wondered about the word peacock?…Okaaaaay….

Usually I like to combine different designers for one outfit, but I liked this dress so much, that I even took the matching shoes. Both are from TOSL (Tree of SL äh… Tree & Ocean SL). The dress is available in four colours (ther others would be Royal Rose (orangy), Sugarplum (plumy) and Moonstone (silvery)). The belt-part of the three prim-attachments comes in three sizes and the skirt in a scripted version (for proper sitting) as well. With the sub-layers (No onions, please!) this dress looks absolutely gorgeous…way better than on pictures. The only downside (I don’t care about): You cannot wear necklaces like you’d normally do. You’d have to take the belt-part off (which someone did on one blog some weeks ago…bookmark? What’s that?) or look for alternative attachment points and bend your necklace around your neck (chest, spine and pelvis are taken).

The tights were a mispurchase (colour didn’t match as I was dreaming about it) some time ago. They’re from *Sheer*, which is my favourite tights-store in SL…not that there are many of them…

Skin and hair are both from BP*. The skin is offering a rather nude, fresh look (I’m wearing chaotic lashes with it here), but has some lashes and eyshadow painted on already.

Oh, the pose I used for the pic below *points* is called Zombie Love and is from LAP (Long Awkward Pose). I believe it was a Halloween-freebie. All of them looked fab with this dress…well, to my taste it did. *hehe*


dress: *Punk Princess* Party Dress Peacock from Tree & Ocean SL

tights: Nylons Dark Violet from *Sheer*

shoes: *Punk Princess* Heels v1.2 Peacock from Tree & Ocean SL

hair: summer chignon from BP*

eyes: Icey Eyes – Hazel from Detour

skin: AUG skin 1/pastel from BP*

pose: Zombie Love 3 from Long Awkward Pose [LAP]

ARC: 2582

date: 12/08/08

SL, Second Life, Windlight, Linden and SLurl are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Leck mich!

Yep, time for a German(ish) post…again…Sorry! 😉

Bevor sich jemand aufregt oder gar wo leckt, wo er/sie/es nicht lecken soll: Der Titel bezieht sich auf das bonbonartige Aussehen. Da dürft ihr gerne lecken…sonst nirgendwo!

Mit dem Erhalt (yay!) der Puff-Bluse (Oh, liebliche Zweideutigkeit!) von TOSL sah ich endlich die Chance Faded Escape von Paper Couture teilweise zu verarbeiten. Das Kleid/Set ist eigentlich an sich schon ganz schnuffig, aber einfach anziehen und posten ist ja nicht so der Bringer, dafür gibt’s ja die Modekritiker am Puls der Zeit (nicht wie ich drei Monate hinterher hinkend) und eine Herausforderung ist es auch nicht. Hier könnt ihr das Dingens im Ganzen sehen, das Bild ist nicht von mir, sondern von aco Sewell (Klasse Flickr-Sammlung und TOSL-Extremfan).

Die Bluse lässt sich auch als einfaches Top tragen, unter den Prims verbergen sich ordentliche Bündchen. Schnieke finde ich die Form der Ärmel/Träger/wattauchimmer…durch die leicht ovale Form sieht es oft so aus, als seien sie am Oberteil befestigt. Gut, das klingt jetzt bescheuert, aber wenn man sich das mal auf dem Bild genau anschaut, dann sollte das verständlich genug sein…hoffe ich. 😉 Bei diversen AOs und Posen kann das dann allerdings natürlich auch leicht bekloppt aussehen, aber man stranguliert/ersticht sich ja gerne mal in SL mit angefügten Prims. Egal, clever gelöst für trägerlos…so. (toller Satz! Yay!)
Erhältlich ist die Bluse auch in andersfarbigen Streifen und Blumenmustern, auch eine gemäßigte schwarz/weiß/grau Version gibt’s. Wie TOSL nun mal so ist, gibt es auch passende Keilschuhe zu jedem Modell. Nochmal Yay!

Da das ganze schon ziemlich realitätsfremd aussah, habe ich es dann mit Haar von meinem Lieblingshelmhaarhersteller COIF kombiniert, natürlich in passender Farbe zu den bequemen flachen Gladiatorenschühchen.

Wünsche fröhliches Lecken!

Selbst Wayne interessiert’s nicht, aber mein letzter Blogeintrag auf Deutsch hat mir die meisten Zugriffe ÄWAH (ever soll das sein) präsentiert, weswegen ich von jetzt an gerne mal was Deutsches rauskloppen möchte. Ich habe zwar den Eindruck, dass mich das irgendwie noch bekloppter dastehen lässt, aber…WURST! (Ich klopp scheinbar gerne…)

blouse: *Puff* Blouse v2.2 Printemps Stripe from Tree & Ocean SL

skirt: Faded Escape Skirt from Paper Couture

tights: Faded Escape Tights from Paper Couture (outfit comes as a set, not sold seperatly)

shoes: Gladiator caramel from UnTone Quilt

helmet: Lioness – Light Brown from COIF

eyes: piercing eyes ~ blue from Tuli

skin: DEC SKIN 01-b from BP*

pose: Sunny from Long Awkward Pose [LAP]

ARC: 442

date: 23/06/08

SL, Second Life, Windlight, Linden and SLurl are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Please kick me!

I spend most of my day blahing…so why can’t I blah that easily when it comes to blogging? This outfit isn’t even that special…ARGH!

Oh, of course I’m not short on excuses!
First I moved to my new home…which is an Openspace sim and required some work. Pix and LM! Please come and visit! I bite! 😉
Second…I have a new keyboard…since Friday….*coughs*…erm…ya, that’s it actually…*coughs*

For this outfit I went straight to Armidi. Yes, I know…it isn’t exactly a brilliant new fashion find, but I knew what I was looking for. I had the urge to get a new outfit for my chubby avatar. I buy a lot of stuff which is meant for that shape, but don’t fit/don’t work/whatever. So this time I was determined to do it right, by chasing for non-prim-items only.
The top fits me very well, because it covers the belly *coughs* and it’s nice looking with big tits *coughs*. The pants have the cuffs already printed on, so you don’t have to work on clumpy prims that add to your thunder-thighs.

I added the torn white socks from Canimal…I somehow don’t like the legs naked, don’t ask me why. They might look wrong for some *hrhr*

Overall it’s nothing special, but it fits well and its colours aren’t a punch in your face/eye/where ever you like to be punched. Sorry for the cool but bad pic, the shoes from Periquita come with a decent heel and a cute grey flower on the side. The ring’s from TOSL, cute detailed cherries for your fingers. (necklace available as well, I think ;-))
The earrings from creamshop have shiny bits and come in a pile of cool colours. Fatpack’s best! 😉

Click on the pic will bring you to my flickr…Yaaaay!

top: Cotton Fringe Cami – Red from Armidi (Elephant Outfitters? Is that Armidi or not?)

pants: Cherry Picking Knee High Jeans – Black from Armidi (look cherries! *hrhr*)

socks: Torn socks over stockings – white from Canimal

shoes: “Fat Lulu” Black from Periquita (fat?!?)

earrings: Glam earring (red) M from CREAMSHOP

ring: *Fruitylicious* Ring v1.4 Cerises from Tree of SLTree & Ocean SL

hair: o – black from fashionably dead

eyes: who cares? 😉

skin: DEC SKIN 03-a from BP*

pose: Pinchy shoulders, Epic love. from PUDGE

ARC: 1071(which has nothing to do with lag, or at least not much)

date: 09/06/08 (almost three months behind :-()

SL, Second Life, Windlight, Linden and SLurl are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Potty with me!

Yep, Potty Training was to hot for a title…even for me…lucky you! (Oh my!)

Your Flickr-nutties might have seen this outfit already (no, I’m not going to write this every time)….


The default skirt is a good thing for the so called plus size girls. Of course you should reduce your arse and saddle as usual, but not to zero, ’cause it might look very, very weird. I don’t understand, why so many seem to hate the real skirt…I love it! This one comes in a million colours, which makes it easy to fit with any outfit. I decided to wear the more basic denim-version, because there are lots of colours hopping around already. It comes with matching glitch-pants, so you don’t have to worry about frozen legs! Yay!

The jacket is from Digit Darkes, which has some cute little things around the store, very nice little details here and there. Besides the skirt, the rest was lurking around my inventory already. The belt from artilleri was a bit tricky to fit around the waist. OK, there’s a catch with those real skirts…there’s a gap around the waistband, which has to be covered (this only happens, if you can’t put bum/saddle to Zero).

Not much more to say, you can check the whole springiness on flickr.

Oh, the lashes and that thing in my mouth were group-presents from BP*-update-group ♥…aawww!

jacket: “WICKED” Jacket-Olive from Digit Darkes

top: Starfruit Retro Top from Twosome

skirt: Denim pencil skirt (dark blue) from MG Fashion

socks: polkadots socks orange from Twosome

shoes: Flower Heels v1.3 L *Tropics* Hardwood from Tree of SL

necklace: *Fruitylicious* Necklace v1.1 Tangy from Tree of SL

belt: snakeskin sash belt *yellow* from artilleri

hair: mitsuami hair / pompa braid / from BP*

eyes: bright blue eyes from Tuli

skin: DEC SKIN 01-b from BP*

pose: *fresh poses* 123 from AnaLu

ARC: 1181

date: 18/03/08

SL, Second Life, Windlight, Linden and SLurl are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Hungry Breasts!

Yep, just another weird title and disappointment for those actually looking for breasts. Well, they’re there, but…

In my last post I presented (woo-woo!) my first approach to dress my new shape. For this one (done the same day) I put my usual dress sense (harhar) into it, by checking my inventory and landmarks for my favs. I decided quite quickly that I wanted to wear one of the Veschi hooded sweaters, the skirt from BP* was also an easy choice, because it’s shape is just ideal for my figure. What really was a fight were the shoes. Since I wanted something casual the lovely fitting heals from Stiletto Moody weren’t an option. So I tried tons of demos over at Shiny Things. Problematic are those calves! You can’t stretch upper parts of boots that much. Well you could, but that’ll look like…erm…sh*t? Making your legs thin, just to fit the boots would be cheating…so I stuck with those lovely stompers.

For my last outfit (see post before) I heard nice things like “You look like sh*t!”. With this one it was just a “You looked better before! You look granny-ish!”. But that was a person, who could be on Fashion Police on a daily basis…so….*coughs* I like it and that’s that!

top: In Da Hood Yo! Olive from Veschi

skirt: DNM SKIRT /brown from BP*

socks: deer_B from KUROTSUBAKI

shoes: 2.Flare oxford for skirts – brown from Shiny Things

necklace: Copper Industrial Necklace from Shiny Things

hair: TOM14 hair chestnut from booN

eyes: green eyes from Tuli

skin: DEC SKIN 01-b from BP*

pose: it’s been a while that I took that pic, will find out later

date: 12/03/08

SL, Second Life, Windlight, Linden and SLurl are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Inventory Recycling

From time to time I check my inventory and browse through my closet (of course it’s neat and tidy). I put this together and bought my first hair from BP*. How exciting! 😉


Picture taken by Windlight-Geek

shirt: – Kawaii-BT – Sushi (long sleeves) from Canimal

jacket: Ripped Jacket (brown) long from Canimal

pants: JuJu Jeans – grunge out from Tres Blah

hair: wild ponytail denim from BP*

eyes: Arctic Ocean (Big) from Miriel

skin: skin sep doll girly from BP*

date: 12/10/07

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Standing in the rain

Usally the weather on the grid is rather pleasant and even in RL-Winter there’s no need to cover up. Unless some nice resident installs rain right above your favourite spot on your favourite sim.

This was quite an impulse buy and I hardly run around in it (unless it’s raining of course). It has loads of cute little prim details and came as a set: Coat, wellies and leafbrella…aawww


pink stuff: rain coat, rain shoes, umbrealla of leaf from BP*

shorts: jeans shorts dark from Tuli

ring: Novelty Rings – Frogger from Canimal

hair: tamara black from Analog Dog

eyes: Graphite from Miriel

skin: skin sep doll girly from BP*

Friday, 4 January 2008

The Office

I put this together for my first (and last) work meeting I ever had in SL…and it was acutally just for fun. But in my eyes I hit the “Yeah, you‘re the boss and I work for you“-look quite well har-har.


shirt and pants: Quadrate Shirt and Slacks from Nyte’N’Day

shoes: Alethea – Midnight from LC Vamp

specs: greta *purple from artilleri

necklace: Buttons of fun! Necklace *Mod* (Silver) from Kimberly Casanova Designs

bangles: Swirly Purple Bangles from Sh*t Happens

hip-thingy: Jersey Girl Pant Decoration (actually comes with those pants) from Veschi

hair: dallas *brown* from artilleri

skin: skin sep doll girly from BP*

eyes: Strong Green from Miriel

Yay! October!

Finally I put the September folder behind me and will offer you my first autumn outift. If you don’t like Veschi, you shouldn’t read any further or dare to scroll down.

Look! I found new black-mop-hair! With a cute little hat! OMG!



coat: Autumn-atic from Veschi

shorts: Poofy Khaki Shorts (without the poofy bits) from Veschi

socks: kushukushu kutsushita BROWN (what?!) from SHOP SEU

shoes: Enchant White from Maitreya

hair: Vanilla Hair with Small Hat from from CREAMSHOP

skin: skin sep autumn juicy from BP*

eyes: Arctic Ocean (Big) from Miriel

Veschi Bubbles

This time I won’t mention the shop-attack I had back then in blahblahblah….*mbls*

So again a Veschi-outfit. Canimals torn socks always a great match (Yeah, heard of Corduroy by now…they make great socks, especially if they put them on sale for 5L$ each!*caughes heavily*) . The button of the shirt is colourable and the bubble-thingy around the stomach comes in two sizes.


shirt: Bubble Shirt Blue from Veschi

pants: Jersey Girl Pants Lower from Veschi

socks: Mismatched old socks (rainbow purple) from Canimal

shoes: Ballet Flats -Sequins- from Kimberly Casanova Designs

bangles: both from Veschi

necklace: Buttons of fun! Necklace *Mod* (Silver) from Kimberly Casanova Designs

hair: Curly Hair from Zero Style

skin: skin sep doll girly from BP*

eyes: Dirty Blue (Big) from Miriel (not really visible, but a great match ;-))

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