Friday, 28 November 2008

I’m a loser!


The amazingly creative title results from my attempt to win a contest. Of course I lost, I always lose. At least it brought me to my best (well, my flickr stats say so) picture. Since this was a contest about Primitive Design most of the clothes are from PD.
The legwarmers, bracelet and the bum-bag have cute/weird (Don’t do drugs, kids! No, mom…you neither!) primy details, flexi thingies and amazingly your avatar doesn’t fall over with all those attached prims. They fit all very easily, the belt even comes with a resize-script (which is slow for my taste). Yep, belt and bag can be worn seperatly…poor things.
The so called action bat is as well from Primitive Design. It’s rather pricey (and that’s from me!), but comes with RP-ready blahblah, which I don’t get (obviously) and scripts and hud and *tadah* blah. Unpacking of that beast was fun too, since the box is really a half open box with the bat inside, so unless you’re living on an empty parcel or have at least 3000 prims left (yes, I like to exaggerate…a lot!) you might consider other opening-options 😉

The hair (if you can still call it hair) is from AVZ, where you can find all sorts of technical cyber-hair in amazing colours. I chose this greyish model, because it comes with this nice pattern on the texture…the other colours don’t have that…I believe. The horns actually glow (if you have renderglow on true) and look more like the actual hairy parts. Thanks to a bug I can’t show you the glow, but it’s visible on the older picture (clickclickclick).

That’s a lot of blah for not so much information…hope your forehead is keyboard-free!


white top: ParisTop from DUTCH TOUCH

torn top: Herangsa – Khaki from Sweetest Good-bye

pants: Duke Worker upp dirty – UNISEX from Primitive Design

shoes: PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2 from UBU

bracelet: Love n Hate – Bracelet from Primitive Design

bandage: Massacre Bandage from Primitive Design

belt: skull belt (resizeable) – female from Primitive Design

bag: bum bag – black from Primitive Design

legwarmers: Wired – Legwarmer black red from Primitive Design

bat: Action Bat from Primitive Design

tattoo: Cherry Blossoms Red Bottom /faded/ from AITUI

hair: Dark Garden Hair (Silver Deco) from AVZ

eyes: ZEROeyes-DARK2 from Minnu Model Skins

skin: skin exotic white from Minajunk

pose: IE_Katana_07 from Imperial Elegance

ARC: 3659

date: 07/08/08

SL, Second Life, Windlight, Linden and SLurl are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

Monday, 6 October 2008

How many circles?

Why is it so hard for me to find a title for a post? Annoying!

I put this outfit together while cleaning up my New stuff folder, which was very packed around that time. So everything was bought more or less blindly or already was lurking in my inventory (like skin, hair, shoes)…you know those shopping attacks when you’re in one store or mall or whatever and Oh, that’s nice!, Oh, that would look nice with denims/a skirt/nothing!, and Oh, I saw that on X’s blog the other day! is always followed by a right-click->buy->*wait*->buy (or how ever you buy)?

The top from Dutch Touch I love for its beautiful texture with shadows and crinkles. The pants are also from Dutch Touch, have a lovely greenish touch. The leg prims are amazingly in the right colour/shading, which seems to be a common problem with other pants (I own)…so they’re hardly noticeable. Yay!

Thanks to the ribbon and the ringlike buckle on the side (cleverly not visible on the pic >.<) the hair from BP* goes pretty well with the thingy of the top.

With the skin from Detour and my favourite flats (sorry, yet again) from Periquita I added a touch of pink…otherwise it looked too dark and dull to me.

top: LongTop Print Blue from DUTCH TOUCH

pants: Low Waist Jeans Dark Colored pockets from DUTCH TOUCH

shoes: Funny Girl Flats Pink from Periquita

hair: hippie girl hair 1 blue denim from BP*

eyes: Icey Eyes – Blue from Detour

skin: Irina 4 from Detour

pose: Tadaa from Twosome

ARC: 5052 (What?!)

date: 25/06/08

SL, Second Life, Windlight, Linden and SLurl are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Rug me!

I remember (wow!) lurking around CREAMSHOP again and again, especially around those rugs with anchors and crowns; then I saw some Japanese avatar wearing both…I interpreted that as a sign and went shopping.

The hair was a real fight, I had to buy two packs from Armidi until I found that hair colour (No, I couldn’t tell from the colours on show), which is a great match. The top from DUTCH TOUCH was a mistake at first, because I was using add to outfit, but it happened to look rather good. 😉


top (jacket layer): Milano Halter Top – Bronze from Armidi

top (shirt layer): Purple CrossTop Sheer Striped from DUTCH TOUCH

pants: (F/Skinny) A001 Jeans [Regular Industrial] from Armidi

skirt: Check Charm waistcloth (brown) from CREAMSHOP

shoes: Vidalia Pump [Dk Brown Croc] from Armidi

hair: – The Roxy – Phoenix (Tipped) from Armidi

skin: female light med tan – punk sidhe blue from Nomine

eyes: (True Enhance) Eyes – Deep Sea from Armidi

date: 15/11/07

Thursday, 31 January 2008

Sporty Glam


..or something like that 😉

As you can see, you can add a picture of your love into the necklace, which took me 10 tries…then I read the instructions *coughs* It opens when you click on it…anyone can open it…awwwww!



top: ParisTop PINK from DUTCH TOUCH

pants: Pants Sporty Winered from DUTCH TOUCH

knickers: Boygirl Undies (Unisex) from Boing Fromage

shoes: Lo-Top Kool Kicks (Women’s Desert Camo) from KK Outfitters

earrings: Sequin Earings Purple from Junk

bangles: Autumn Fushia Bangles from Argyle Boutique

necklace: Momento Locket from Yummy

hair: Lynne II – Chestnut Burnt from ETD

skin: Dark SkinGloss-Panther from Minnu Model Skins

eyes: DarkBrownEYES from Minnu Model Skins

date: 13/11/07

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