Thursday, 31 January 2008

Kimono (2nd try)

This is a more serious approach to Japanese (traditional) fashion. I haven’t done much, since CTK (Cherry Tokyo’s Kimonos) provides you with anything you need. Hmm….just checked, couldn’t see any skins though….Lucky me had the lovely Geisha-skin already in her inventory 😉 yay!

I’d say CTK offers the best Kimonos around and has an amazing selection of accessories (shoes, hair, jewellery, umbrellas, fans, blahblahblah).

Sorry for the rubbish picture… (_ _);


Kimono: Black/Floral Furisode from CTK

shoes and handbag: Zori geta and purse – Silver from CTK

hair (includes pins and tiara): Umeko – Natural Black from CTK

skin: GeishaCurvy_RedB1 from Trap

eyes: DarkBrownEYES from Minnu Model Skins

date: 13/11/07


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