Thursday, 24 January 2008

Back to the start…

Those who read my very first posting here, might remember the picture I posted back then (wow! 12th Dec….such a long time! 😉 ).

It was the beginning of November and what would be more appropriate than a beach outfit with warming cardigan? The person in the background should really get a slap with the leek!


jacket: Holey Sweater – Pink from Sand Shack Surf Co.

bikini-top: MIZUGI_matsu_bra top from Nadeshiko Soul

pants: Dingy Shorts from ♥ Cupcakes

earrings: Camie’s *Gold* Camboo Bamboo Earrings (double) from Kimberly Casanova Designs

necklace: Skull Rhinestone Necklace from CREAMSHOP

bangle: bangle D-brown from *DP*YumYum

veg: Very silent leek from Ducknipple (comes with cool animation and noisy leek (sings)!)

hair: Afro xl from MAU’s & MEJ’s

skin: Dark SkinGloss-Panther from Minnu Model Skins

eyes: Basic Brown from Miriel

date: 01/11/07


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