Monday, 16 June 2008

Two of a kind…kind of

I read about Gbberish on one of the fashion blogs, luckily I can’t remember what I saw there, but it made me go to the shop and buy these two lovely knitted dresses. The original blog post was about another item, I think it had to do with the scarves….hmm….

I did the left outfit first and when I was planing to “use” the other dress, I thought it might be interesting to make it almost the same. Same in the sense, that the items are at least from the same designer, preferable the same model.

The dresses are available in various colours and patterns, they come with two pairs of socks as well. The top is on the jacket layer and the glitch pants are on the underpants layer. Very cleverly I notice now, that you can’t actually see the design of the top part of the dress. It has one strap that’s garnished with a nice little prim bow. Check this fun-shot in case you’re really interest! 😉

I looove these shoes from Armidi so much, that I had to bark at myself not to use it with every outfit. They squeeze your little ugly feet in such a nice way and give you great posture and they even are very comfy! They come in a ton of colours with various sole/heel colours as well. While I was shopping for the shoes, I had my usual fight with the camera and landed on those bangles, which are perfect for both dresses! Yay!

COIF makes amazing low-prim hair and still gives you a special look (OK, maybe it is the low-prim that makes the look special…har-har). Some might not like the unnatural style, but the texture is actually very good and the the left one (Disco Goddess) has even some frizzy hair poking out! I think the kaput viewer-graphics-card-relationship (those bitches!) made the hair look to spiky, it’s really nicely cut and styled and very round! There are two stores out there, I’ll add the one where I got both styles, there’s another shop on the Silent sim, try the profile of the owner (Paulie Tamale).


dress: One Love – Knitted Dress (Breeze) from Gbberish (worn with Burgundy socks)

shoes: Viniani Heel – Chocolat from Armidi

bangle: Healing Koi Bangle – Daisy from Armidi

hair: Disco Goddess – Silver from COIF

eyes: Delta Eyes – Brown from Detour

skin: Umber-makeup4-Freckles from Minnu Model Skins

pose: *fresh poses* 283 from AnaLu (mirrowed)

ARC: 966

date: 02/05/08


dress: One Love – Knitted Dress (Honeysuckle) from Gbberish (worn with Green socks)

shoes: Viniani Heel – Chiffon from Armidi

bangle: Healing Koi Bangle – Dandelion from Armidi

hair: Artemis – Copper from COIF

eyes: Delta Eyes – Brown from Detour

skin: not for sale (Another Skin, altered by Tokoro)

pose: *fresh poses* 283 from AnaLu

ARC: 970

date: 06/05/08

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