Monday, 30 June 2008

It’s Monday!

I couldn’t think of any title…nothing at all. So I thought I give you some important information instead…How nice is that? 😉

My last blogged outfit mentioned items jumping in my virtual shopping cart (no disco) over at Canimal. Not only gloves hopped in, there was a red dress with white skulls as well! It comes with a shirt and jacket-layer option for your top half and white stockings are included. Of course other colours are available as well.

I keep stuff that I bought, but haven’t worn yet in one folder. The Divinchi outfit from Paper Couture was there for quite some time. The blouse is just amazing with its fluffy sleeves and frills everywhere. I liked it A LOT with the Canimal dress so I tried on possible skins/hairs/blahs. With the frills and the pattern on the dress, I felt a red-white-theme would be best, as a natural coloured skin could be too much. I had worn a Geisha-skin from Trap already and took the opportunity to get another one *coughs*. Of course all this offered me the chance to get yet another Stiletto Moody pair. What else could I possibly wear with all this, so I took this chance. *hrhr*

More pix here!

dress: Devil Candy (Red) Dress from Canimal

blouse and pants: Divinchi from Paper Couture

gloves: small stripes – metalic from Canimal

shoes: Elegant Slingback (Ruby Red) from Stiletto Moody

hair: UZU22 hair red from booN

eyes: red eyes from Tuli

skin: GeishaPinch_FishB1 from Trap

pose: Cover me Babeh from PUDGE

ARC: 1170

date: 09/05/08

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Monday, 23 June 2008

Lazy (stylish) Sunday!

This outfit started with the cozy just-out-of-bed-pants from *UnToneQuilt*, which might have been worn all night, or since Friday…No one wants to know really. In this store you can find a few of those comfy pants (one denim version) which are ideal to be worn under skirts or just on themselves.

I loved the tutu (which is a huge pile of fun over any pins or pants) and the graffiti corsage (Yay!) from Canimal for some time and that was finally the “OK, you’re allowed to buy them now!” (I’ve set myself that rule, otherwise I’d buy anything without actually having a plan how to wear it…yes, I need a plan *harhar*)…of course the stripey gloves jumped in the bag  unnoticed! Naughty little things!

I was playing with my skins and somehow found one that I’ve never worn before (O.O), and the bright red lips went rather well with the red in the top. So I stayed with red, although a lot of other cardigans were tried on.

I remembered (yep, that happens from time to time) the Party Pumps from Shiny Things, which I had once tried on and Yay! the ruffles match the skirt! Yay again!

Weeks later, when I made the pictures, I was really reminded of one of my cousins, who was actually into ballet and a nutty fan of Flashdance (she’s 41 now and still a bit nuts, must run in the family)…and I remembered (again!) her being dressed up and dancing around the house and singing…and she had that kind of hair. OK, that’s boring…but that gave the pic a more colourful background than I had in mind.

You can see four other pix if you like on my flickr!

top: Corset (Grey) from Canimal

cardigan: Ripped Jacket (red) long from Canimal

skirt: FooFoo TuTu (White) from Canimal

pants: puchidabopan (charcoal) from UnTone Quilt

socks: Knit socks(gray) from *DP*YumYum

shoes: Party pumps from Shiny Things

gloves: small stripes – grey from Canimal

hair: – Wish II – Currant – Flexi Hair from Cake

eyes: Delta Eyes – Brown from Detour

skin: Pale-makeup7-Freckles from Minnu Model Skins

pose: *fresh poses* 289 from AnaLu

ARC: 3009

date: 07/05/08

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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Not sure if you need stuff from BP* new furniture store?

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Just take a seat under the special You-need-to-buy-something-here-lamp! It works! *runs off and get’s a bed*
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Monday, 16 June 2008

Two of a kind…kind of

I read about Gbberish on one of the fashion blogs, luckily I can’t remember what I saw there, but it made me go to the shop and buy these two lovely knitted dresses. The original blog post was about another item, I think it had to do with the scarves….hmm….

I did the left outfit first and when I was planing to “use” the other dress, I thought it might be interesting to make it almost the same. Same in the sense, that the items are at least from the same designer, preferable the same model.

The dresses are available in various colours and patterns, they come with two pairs of socks as well. The top is on the jacket layer and the glitch pants are on the underpants layer. Very cleverly I notice now, that you can’t actually see the design of the top part of the dress. It has one strap that’s garnished with a nice little prim bow. Check this fun-shot in case you’re really interest! 😉

I looove these shoes from Armidi so much, that I had to bark at myself not to use it with every outfit. They squeeze your little ugly feet in such a nice way and give you great posture and they even are very comfy! They come in a ton of colours with various sole/heel colours as well. While I was shopping for the shoes, I had my usual fight with the camera and landed on those bangles, which are perfect for both dresses! Yay!

COIF makes amazing low-prim hair and still gives you a special look (OK, maybe it is the low-prim that makes the look special…har-har). Some might not like the unnatural style, but the texture is actually very good and the the left one (Disco Goddess) has even some frizzy hair poking out! I think the kaput viewer-graphics-card-relationship (those bitches!) made the hair look to spiky, it’s really nicely cut and styled and very round! There are two stores out there, I’ll add the one where I got both styles, there’s another shop on the Silent sim, try the profile of the owner (Paulie Tamale).


dress: One Love – Knitted Dress (Breeze) from Gbberish (worn with Burgundy socks)

shoes: Viniani Heel – Chocolat from Armidi

bangle: Healing Koi Bangle – Daisy from Armidi

hair: Disco Goddess – Silver from COIF

eyes: Delta Eyes – Brown from Detour

skin: Umber-makeup4-Freckles from Minnu Model Skins

pose: *fresh poses* 283 from AnaLu (mirrowed)

ARC: 966

date: 02/05/08


dress: One Love – Knitted Dress (Honeysuckle) from Gbberish (worn with Green socks)

shoes: Viniani Heel – Chiffon from Armidi

bangle: Healing Koi Bangle – Dandelion from Armidi

hair: Artemis – Copper from COIF

eyes: Delta Eyes – Brown from Detour

skin: not for sale (Another Skin, altered by Tokoro)

pose: *fresh poses* 283 from AnaLu

ARC: 970

date: 06/05/08

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Cute FREE shirt at Gbberish Boutique!

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I was gathering SLurls and found this on my way! It’s available in red as well, but that’s priced 220L$. Blue one’s ZERO L$! Yay!
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Thursday, 12 June 2008

I see cool people….

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Panicy tping around the grid, ’cause everywhere restart restart restart messages…saw this fab woman and she’s even famous (kind of). Take a guess! 😉
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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Bleach is good for your jelly!

ARGL! I took those pix days ago and now I finally manage to scribble it down! Wow!

I hope you all know Tokoro who’s just opened her own store Bombon! Then you might have seen the skin I’m wearing already. It’s an edited version of one of the Another Skin skins from Eloh Eliot, which is not for sale. So if you like the skin very much, why don’t you get yourself a nice tunic from Bombon instead? 😉

The pants are part of an outfit I got from Cachet the other day . For this outfit I only used the pants (duh!) and the undershirt layer…that’s the thing around the breasts. The lovely shirt (Look! Look! Look! The flowery pattern on the back matches the eye make-up OMG!) is from Twosome and comes in various layers and colours. The earrings from Paper Couture screem the same Look! Look! Look! as the shirt…can you hear it? *listens to the funny voice*

In case you still can’t here the voice…listen in on flickr!

When the picture positioning looks messy to you, you have the wrong screen resolution! 😉

shirt: Early Summer Top Grey from Twosome

pants and undershirt: TILDA from Cachet

shoes: Mishima Dawn – Ruff Leather Tan from Maitreya

earrings: Gemstone Scroll Earring from Paper Couture

hair: COR10 hair platinum from booN

eyes: Winter eyes blue from BP*

pose (back): *fresh poses* 122 from AnaLu

pose (front): Girls out front! from Hiccup

ARC: 517

date: 11/04/08

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Monday, 9 June 2008

Tarissa at Maitrey!

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ROFL I guess, I should update my LMs…My old one brought me directly on this (empty) spot in the shop-window. *poses just a little bit more*
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Saturday, 7 June 2008


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I tried to sit somewhere and got stuck…nowhere! *panics*
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[RESOLVED] Why are some prims red? O.o

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I’ve just came and at first I thought I had invisible prims on…weird….
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[UPDATE 09:44 am GMT] Thanks to my new plurky friends (thanks nimil!) I now know that I’m impatient, stupid and likely to blame SL/LL before I blame me. (It was late, I was young and I needed the money!)

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Dress on a Stick

There were a lot of discussions going on about Minnu and skins and clothes and RL-designers and blah. That actually forced me one fine day into Cachet. It’s not that I don’t care about bad things, but I prefer the Swiss side and wait for others to decide whether illegal things are going on or not, so I can be just the silly shopaholic I love to be *hrhr*.
What made me jump up and down is the prim corsetlike part, which I’ve never seen before (bear in mind that I usually prefer a shirt with F@*K on it over a nice flowery dress). It made the fitting quite easy and the prims never poke awkwardly out of your body. I haven’t tried it on the more normal-sized or even thicker avatar-shapes though. The texture is of amazing quality and as you can see on the primskirt part, very cleverly distributed (yep, I don’t know what I’m talking about, I have no clue how clothes are made, but it seemed to me different and special).

To take away the BBQ-is-over-poor-all-alone-spit-look I combined the dress with rather simple white clothes and jewellery. The shrug is part of a Last Call outfit (in case you’re really keen and bored, type “Alizee” in search on the right) and covers the bony upper frame nicely. The earrings are from Paper Couture. They have amazing jewellery there (apart from other amazing stuff). This pair is so simple and elegant, almost too womanly for me *scratches herself*…but a great match (Oh, there’s the word again!). The toeless prim socks from Maitreya make the sticks look a bit thicker and more robust if you will. (Yes I really thought/think that.)

By now I’ve changed this shape a lot. Back then in April it was an experiment like any other and I just didn’t stick with it.

dress: JODIEinLONDON from Cachet

shrug: Alizee White Shrug from Last Call

socks: Prim Socks Seashell from Maitreya

shoes: Brandys – brown from Shiny Things

earrings: Dangling Pearl Earring from Paper Couture

hair: Sarah (Black) from Aden

eyes: Deep Blue Eyes from Minnu Model Skins

skin: Pale-makeup5a-Freckles from Minnu Model Skins

pose: Oh my! Pose from Hiccup

ARC: 1333

date: 07/04/08

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Monday, 2 June 2008

Free Bie at Bombon!

Sorry for this….BlogHUD’s cross-posting feature doesn’t seem to work today. So for now I’ll post a link to the BlogHUD entry. I don’t even know how to get the picture in here, it wasn’t transmitted to flickr either. *sighs*

Happy Shopday! 😉

Freebie at Bombon!

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