Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Freezing my @%$€ off!

I really have to stop spamming you guys with my blogHUD-impressions. Apart from freezing my (RL)arse off that day, I can’t remember much about this outfit. A quick inventory-check showed that the belt does not belong to the dress…it’s from Tres Blah! I felt a little embarrassed for a second or two. The dress comes simply in two parts…shirt- and skirt-layer. Great bum coverage! But don’t forget to wear underwear or at least some shorts like me! 😉

The belt’s on the jacket layer, which secures a tight fit around the waist. Sometimes it’s difficult to fit a prim belt around your waistline and it usually asks for a lot adjusting.

The socks from Corduroy had been in my inventory for some days/weeks. The problem is…I love colours but colourful clothes and colourful socks? It’s always a bit tricky (to me).

I love the hair…it comes with attachable chopsticks+fan thingy (s. here) in the same colour as the bamboo(?)-bits. The only bad thing about the hair is that you can’t change the colour of those wooden things (or I’m just too stupid to figure that out). That is why I chose the BP* scarf with the yellow leaves…to match those thingies. (No, I’m not getting paid for using the word thing/thingy/thingies…I wish)


dress: Black Sweater Dress from Nylon Outfitters

socks: catero’s leggings! from corduroy

boots: buckled mid-calf boot from Paper Couture

gloves: Wright Long Velvet Gloves Heather Grey from Argyle Boutique

belt: skinny belt from Tres Blah

scarf: long scarf and fallen leaves (yellow) from BP*

hair: Lovely – Grey from Deviant Kitties Designs

skin: Pale SkinGloss(Freckles)-Teacher from Minnu Model Skins

eyes: DarkBrownEYES from Minnu Model Skins

date: 20/11/07 (last one from November, I spare you the casual outfits…)


Friday, 11 January 2008

Welcome Armidi!

Around that time I must have stumbled across Armidi. I remeber I saw pictures on some blog days before I actually went there. It was the architecture on that pic that got me. The clothes, shoes, hair, blah on that sim are of amazing quality; not the best place for crazy, funny outfits, but one of my favourite choices when it’s supposed to be something normal and stylish.

For this outfit just the T-Shirt is from Armidi…the rest are more or less good old friends. (Rather sad to call inventory items friends *sighs*)

I love the Tuli-skin on that shape with the big dark eyes, which are actually very, very dark blue. As far as I know, you can’t get this series anymore. If anyone out there knows it better, please let me know! Only ever bought one skin from that series…poor me!


T-shirt: Love Love Me Tee [Haze] from Armidi

pants: JuJu Jeans – charcoal delight from Tres Blah

shoes: Allium Organic Heel – burn from Paper Couture

earrings: Taraxacum Earring from Junk

bracelet: *Fruitylicious* Charm Bangle v1.1 Tangy from Tree of SL

hair: Mary – Sunny Blackened from ETD

skin: tanned tone/black brow ~ 15 from Tuli

eyes: Arctic Ocean (Big) from Miriel

date: 18/10/07

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Too big for my house!

You can’t have enough casual/normal/neutral outfits, can you? OK, maybe not, when you’re sticking to one specific style/genre….*thinks*

Anyway…the blouse is from Last Call and was in my inventory from my very first shopping spree; I’ve never worn it until October. Having discovered Tres Blah and Analog Dog’s great curly hair (with amazing texture) I think I look quite cute (as usal *yawn*)…ha-ha.


Picture taken by Windlight-Geek

blouse: Alizee Plaid Tank (fresh) & shrug with puffed sleeves from Last Call

pants: JuJu Jeans – grunge out from Tres Blah

shoes: Buck Wedge from Paper Couture

hair: tamara brunette from Analog Dog

eyes: Dirty Blue (Big) from Miriel

skin: tanned tone/brown brow ~ 15 from Tuli

date: 10/10/07

Friday, 4 January 2008

I see trees of green…

…no red roses anywhere!

Wandering around Fashion Mode on Amour, I saw this green dress in the window. OK, not really the green one, but the style, which dragged me into the store. The dress comes with matching stockings, but I combined it with some tintable ones from Veschi to have a better match with the hair. To keep warm the lovely scarf from BP* had to be bought…Yay!


dress: Diabolique – Green from Battered Boudoir

stockings: Cozily Tintable Stockings Bottom from Veschi

shoes: silk wrapped shank heel – portabello from Paper Couture

specs: greta *green* from artilleri

scarf: long scarf and fallen leaves ( red) from BP*

hair: “Maya” – Dusk from Naughty

eyes: Arctic Ocean (Big) from Miriel

skin: Sun Kissed-Spring-Peony from Gala Skins

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Back to Normal!

After loads of experiments back in August and September I searched for something “normal”, which doesn’t look like I’ve just escaped from some institution. As far as I can remember, it was then, when my spending mentality changed…Oh, dear!


top: Dotalicious Halter – Teal/Or./Pink from Sand Shack Surf Co.

jacket: Tuesday Hoodie – Greens from Sand Shack Surf Co.

pants: Alizee Dark Wash Jeans from Last Call

shoes: Buck Wedge from Paper Couture

earrings: Green star earring from Veschi

bangles: Flowery Brown Bangles from Sh*t Happens

necklace: wooden heart necklace green/amber from Tuli

hair: dallas *caramel* from artilleri

skin: tanned tone/brown brow ~ 15 from Tuli

eyes: Strong Green from Miriel

Yeah, I suck when it comes to taking pictures….*sighs*

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Another Versteck!

This is another smashing dress with matching leggings from Versteck. I love the strong colours in it, which I combined with low-key hair-style and jewellery. Har-har. Look, the colours of the bangles just match the colours of the dress! Yay!…Pills! Now!


Picture taken by Windlight-Geek

dress&leggings: Junkitz from Versteck

legwarmers: legwarmers white with Angry brown rabbit from BP*

shoes: Allium Organic Heel – rash from Paper Couture

hair: Abby-flame red from Kin

necklace: Copper Industrial Necklace from Shiny Things

bangles: Marmalade Rim Bangle from Tickled Pink

Eyes: Sunset from Miriel (it’s the pose that makes it look a bit weird)

skin: lily (porcelain) *fire fau* from artilleri

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Gold!……….I think

I was invited to a wedding and surely needed something to dress appropriately. I took the chance buying this ensemble from Paper Couture, which I actually quite liked before, but it always felt too elegant for me (at that time, now I don’t really care when I like something…but I’m still not into gowns….urgs). I think the crazy but chic hairstyle gives it a nice edge. I wore a matching bracelet…couldn’t find it though…*sighs*

Do I have to mention, that the marriage didn’t last very long? I wonder what happened to the expensive baby ….I’d just marry for fun or money (or both) in SL…well, RL as well har-har.


Picture taken by Windlight-Geek

Clothes: Malaria (tights included) from Paper Couture

shoes: silk wrapped shank heel – portabello from Paper Couture

hair: Crinaeae (Blonde Burnt) from *Lucky!* Crimson & Clover

earrings: Crystal Drop Earrings – bling from Paper Couture

skin: lily (sunkiss) *candy* from artilleri

eyes: Fire from Miriel

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

hide and praerie

One fine lovely day I lingered around “The Docks” (which doesn’t exist anymore, there’s Caribe’s Mount Pacoloco now, which isn’t a pain in the ars neck either) and ran into “Versteck”. Attrackted by the name I went inside and was amazed by the colourful and well-made looking dresses and the rather reasonable pricing. Thinking about it, I don’t know why I haven’t bought all of them by now…

Although I don’t like the shape anymore (again), I won’t change the look by playing around with the another shape…having said that I’d like to try another look with that dress *thinks*


Picture taken by Windlight-Geek

dress: Prairie (125L$) from Versteck

shoes: Allium Organic Heel – rash from Paper Couture

hair: Rachel – Copper Frosted from ETD

skin: lily (sunkiss) *fresh* from artilleri

eyes: Forest from Miriel

cuff: Summer leaf cuff from Shiny Things

necklace: Summer leaf necklace from Shiny Things

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Another kimono inspired outfit

Obviously in the beginning of August 07 I discovered Tuli. 😉
This was my first hair style from Zero Style, I remember seeing it on Zero Bluecoat. She’s actually a good friend of Rei Gully (creator of the hair) and she also made me aware of the Fashion Consolidated-Group. Thanks Zero! (^-^)

Please notice the ventilation holes in the soles…very useful on a hot day.


Picture taken by Windlight-Geek

top: Kimi scarlet/black from Tuli

capris: jeans capris black from Tuli

hair: *Ami*(Black) from Zero Style

eyes: Hummingbird from Miriel

earrings: Glass Chunk earring – b&w from Shiny Things

necklace: Tamiko Necklace – Herons from LC Covet

shoes: Allium Organic Heel – burn from Paper Couture

skin: lily (sunkiss) *memphis* from artilleri

Monday, 17 December 2007

The last survivor of July

Beside the army kimono outfit, this is the only survivor of my first month in Second Life. I don’t really like the shape anymore (to be precise: the face) but oddly enough men seeme to like it *shrugs*. Later I updated it a bit with matching jewellery. The bra you see, was my very first…That’s quite some important information, eh? 😉

Sorry for the poor picture quality.


blouse: Atomic Top (sapphire) from Last Call

pants: Alizee Dark Wash Jeans from Last Call

hair: “Impulse” – Salmon from Naughty

skin: Sun Kissed-Spring-Abulon from Gala Skin

eyes: Caribbean from Miriel

necklace: Glass Squares necklace – blue from Shiny Things

bra: Pantie Set 9 Undershirt from Naughty

ring: Moodra Ring(Purple Joy) from Tickled Pink

shoes: heelless peaked toe stiletto – placid from Paper Couture

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