Monday, 17 December 2007

Sleepy in Pink


When I saw this dress, or better said set (top and skirt), at Cherry Tokyo’s Kimonos I had to buy it. I had nothing much to go with it in my inventory. The hair was easy, but finding the boots nearly killed me (sorry….I said nearly har-har). After all that hard work I was really, really pleased with myself. And I still quite like it, the longer I stare at it. So if you don’t like it, stare at it!


Pictures taken by Windlight-Geek (click for a better stare)

top and skirt: Frenchy from Cherry Tokyo’s Kimonos

hair: Amanda (Pink Burnt) from *Lucky!* Crimson & Clover

eyes: Cherry Blossom from Miriel

skin: Sun Kissed-Spring-Frosty Petunia from Gala Skins

necklace: Find Your Way Necklace – Silver/Pink from Miriel

ring: Moodra Ring (Pink Blush) from Tickled Pink

boots: Sleek laceup boots 2.0 – steel from Shiny Things


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