Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Fruit Salad

Sorry if this outfit is a pain in the eye or worse, but I love colours!

I keep lists of keywords, places, names, blahs which I have to investigate later. Appearance Mode was one of them and upon arrival I was blessed with a nice shopping attack. Yay!

First I fell into the puking bird T-shirt from H&V (heartattack and vine). I’ve had seen it around the blogs but didn’t go out to buy it.
Wow! A proper hunch and a search for “puke” on Who let the dorks out? gave me the right post…Please enjoy! 😉 (The puking birds are on the right, click the pic for a better view)

The shorts are from Karamia and come in different classic denim colours and each with black or white buttons. It’s all good is right next to Karamia. You can find lots of colourful stuff there, I really had to behave and only got the rainbow coloured leggings, each colour wearable with or with out the laces on the lower leg.

The yummy fruit salad on the skin and the glowy cheeks are group presents from BP*. The shoes are (as usual *harhar*) from Periquita and the hair (quite as usual as well) from COIF, tinted by myself to a barking mutant carrot red (yeah…okay…).

The bird’s from HappyMood, of course and I’m rather sure it had eaten very well and feels inspired by my shirt!

shirt: birdpuke tshirt from H&V

pants: Sailor Denim Shorts Light Wash (white buttons) from Karamia

leggings: Polka Dot Leggings (Orange) (Lace) from It’s All Good

shoes: Candy Hearts Green from Periquita

hair: Dorothy – Tintable from COIF

eyes: Icey Eyes – green from Detour

skin: Pale SkinGloss(Freckles)-Morning from Minnu Model Skins (not available anymore)

pose: *fresh poses* 130 from AnaLu

ARC: 142

date: 27/06/08

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