Monday, 21 January 2008

Last of October

I had the dress for quite some time…Halloween was a good opportunity to give it a little revitalisation.


dress (gloves, color, belt included): Cecilia from Paper Couture

hair: Crinaeae (Pink Burnt) from *Lucky!* Crimson & Clover

skin: white – nude violet from Nomine

eyes: Cherry Blossom from Miriel

date: 31/10/07


Friday, 18 January 2008

Baked sweet potato? Anyone?

Wow! What a title and then this?

I was looking for ages for a “proper” African-SL-shape. Never found one…played around with my shape and this came out. I “developed” (yeah, right!) a skinny and a “normal” one (on which some shoes look very, very weird….you’ll read about that later *sighs*). Again loads of inventory discoveries were used.

I have to add that the Minnu Model Skins have the best skins for my intentions. I was amazed that I was NOT hit in the face with cool locations in the search…lots of skins have a funny (bad way!) blue/green/grey-ish touch to it. If anyone out there knows alternatives: To me! Now! Thanks 🙂


t-shir: Musical Geisha Tee from Boing Fromage

jacket: Canimal – Baggy Top (camo brown) from Canimal

pants: Lowrise Cargos (brown) from Canimal

knickers: Boygirl Undies (Unisex) from Boing Fromage

shoes: Vengence (DarkGreen/Gold) from Mary Jane Shoes

earrings: Camie’s *Gold* Camboo Bamboo Earrings (double) from Kimberly Casanova Designs

bangle: bangle D-brown from *DP*YumYum

hair: Afro xl from MAU’s & MEJ’s

skin: Dark SkinGloss-Panther from Minnu Model Skins

eyes: Basic Brown from Miriel

date: 30/10/07

Thursday, 17 January 2008

My first Minnu Model Skin!

I was in a cheeky mood that day…

Both top and skirt are from Tree of SL. The skirt moves really beautifully; it might look a bit weird on the picture. The Top actually comes with a bow, but I couldn’t wear it with the prims of the skirt.


top: *Precious* Satin Blouse v1.1a Star Ruby from Tree of SL

skirt: *Urban Peasant* Skirt v1.3 Houndsbite from Tree of SL

boots: Dune Black from Maitreya

gloves: fingerless Skull Gloves from PanJen 

cuffs: Pyramid Cuff [Black] from Armidi

hair: * Mike *Black from Zero Style

skin: Tan SkinGloss-Peach from Minnu Model Skins

eyes: Arctic Ocean (Big) from Miriel

date: 27/10/07

A bit palish, hun?

It seems like I’m buying those kind of clothes in some weird moods, because I have (again) no clue, how that happened. I remember, that I’d seen the hair before and was happy to finally buy it….*har-har*



dress (comes with tights, shoes, choker,…): Lucinda Black from House of Rfyre

hair: Parallel Hair (Jet Black) from AVZ

skin: female white – noctem tears from Nomine

eyes: Platinum (Big) from Miriel

date: 25/10/07

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Rich Bitch…

…was an accidental purchase during the panic of a sale at Boing Fromage. I really hate those vendor-thingies! Pleeeeease, don’t use them! *sighs* Don’t use them while the shop’s busy, someone else might actually click on “your” vendor in the moment of “pay”! *sighs again*

But it could have been worse…


top: random – Rich Bitch Tee from Boing Fromage

pants: Quadrate Slacks from Nyte’N’Day

shoes: Smitten (Black/Steel) from Mary Jane Shoes

bracelet: Logo Charm Bracelet – Silver & Diamond from Paper Couture

hair: * Pompadour *(Blond) from Zero Style

skin: Zoe Bubble Gum from Naughty

eyes: Basic Brown from Miriel

date: 24/10/07

not only apples are in the air…

Who gets my oh, so cool title…please comment or contact me! *hrhr*

Just another casual outfit I put together. Actually just the jacket and the shoes were new.

Look at those shoes! You’ll never know who’ll you pump bump into while exercising in the air. Looks like the sun shines where…..*coughs*

The jacket is from Boing Fromage, is colourable in all its parts and on this picture consists of four parts: jacket-layer (for warm kidneys 😉 ), base, gloves and prim-colar.


Jacket: Vintage Track Jacket 2.0 from Boing Fromage

pants: JuJu Jeans – charcoal delight from Tres Blah

shoes: Blue Strapped Chucks from EnvYou (Oh, that’s at least as brilliant as my windFALLobst!)

earrings: Taraxacum Earring from Junk (love them with that hair!)

hair: Mary – Black Blue from ETD

skin: tanned tone/black brow ~ 15 from Tuli

eyes: Blue Ice from Miriel

date: 22/10/07

Friday, 11 January 2008

Don’t know why that happened….

…it wasn’t made for Halloween, but it came in handy on the 31st of October.

It took me ages to find that skin, since I was looking for something very lifeless and beautiful. The white skins from nomine were too alive…kind of…


dress: Fallen (black) from Canimal

tights: Torn socks over stockings – black from Canimal

shoes: Lady Victoria boot – black from Shiny Things

hair: lola black from Analog Dog

skin: Spectral F [Lost Gloom Slayer] from Whispers of Night

eyes: Cherry Blossom from Miriel

Welcome Armidi!

Around that time I must have stumbled across Armidi. I remeber I saw pictures on some blog days before I actually went there. It was the architecture on that pic that got me. The clothes, shoes, hair, blah on that sim are of amazing quality; not the best place for crazy, funny outfits, but one of my favourite choices when it’s supposed to be something normal and stylish.

For this outfit just the T-Shirt is from Armidi…the rest are more or less good old friends. (Rather sad to call inventory items friends *sighs*)

I love the Tuli-skin on that shape with the big dark eyes, which are actually very, very dark blue. As far as I know, you can’t get this series anymore. If anyone out there knows it better, please let me know! Only ever bought one skin from that series…poor me!


T-shirt: Love Love Me Tee [Haze] from Armidi

pants: JuJu Jeans – charcoal delight from Tres Blah

shoes: Allium Organic Heel – burn from Paper Couture

earrings: Taraxacum Earring from Junk

bracelet: *Fruitylicious* Charm Bangle v1.1 Tangy from Tree of SL

hair: Mary – Sunny Blackened from ETD

skin: tanned tone/black brow ~ 15 from Tuli

eyes: Arctic Ocean (Big) from Miriel

date: 18/10/07

Sin City

Oh, such an interesting title and nothing behind it. Sh*t!

Sorry for that! 😉

As you can see, this isn’t exactly a very stylish, figure pleasing outfit. I saw the dress at Shop Seu and had to have it. The combination with weird hair and unusal skin makes it (in my eyes) wearable and actually quite nice.

Why am I asked, wether I’m wearing baby-doll-like prims or loose tops, if I’m being pregnant? Does it always have to be tight and sexy? Sometimes I’m so annoyed, I enjoy building ugly avatars. But so far I didn’t manage anything really that bad…I think. Well, you haven’t seen all (s. sidebar). *huahaha*


Picture taken by Windlight-Geek

dress: hana wanpi BLUE from SHOP SEU

shirt: turtleneckshirt BLACK from SHOP SEU

pants: JuJu Jeans – charcoal delight from Tres Blah

bag: leather bag black back (skull bunny) from BP*

earrings: *Fruitylicious* Earrings v1.3 L Zesty from Tree of SL

eyes: Dark Blue (Big) from Miriel

hair: ina copper from Analog Dog

skin: female light med tan – punk sidhe blue from Nomine

date: 15/10/07

Inventory Recycling

From time to time I check my inventory and browse through my closet (of course it’s neat and tidy). I put this together and bought my first hair from BP*. How exciting! 😉


Picture taken by Windlight-Geek

shirt: – Kawaii-BT – Sushi (long sleeves) from Canimal

jacket: Ripped Jacket (brown) long from Canimal

pants: JuJu Jeans – grunge out from Tres Blah

hair: wild ponytail denim from BP*

eyes: Arctic Ocean (Big) from Miriel

skin: skin sep doll girly from BP*

date: 12/10/07

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Standing in the rain

Usally the weather on the grid is rather pleasant and even in RL-Winter there’s no need to cover up. Unless some nice resident installs rain right above your favourite spot on your favourite sim.

This was quite an impulse buy and I hardly run around in it (unless it’s raining of course). It has loads of cute little prim details and came as a set: Coat, wellies and leafbrella…aawww


pink stuff: rain coat, rain shoes, umbrealla of leaf from BP*

shorts: jeans shorts dark from Tuli

ring: Novelty Rings – Frogger from Canimal

hair: tamara black from Analog Dog

eyes: Graphite from Miriel

skin: skin sep doll girly from BP*

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Too big for my house!

You can’t have enough casual/normal/neutral outfits, can you? OK, maybe not, when you’re sticking to one specific style/genre….*thinks*

Anyway…the blouse is from Last Call and was in my inventory from my very first shopping spree; I’ve never worn it until October. Having discovered Tres Blah and Analog Dog’s great curly hair (with amazing texture) I think I look quite cute (as usal *yawn*)…ha-ha.


Picture taken by Windlight-Geek

blouse: Alizee Plaid Tank (fresh) & shrug with puffed sleeves from Last Call

pants: JuJu Jeans – grunge out from Tres Blah

shoes: Buck Wedge from Paper Couture

hair: tamara brunette from Analog Dog

eyes: Dirty Blue (Big) from Miriel

skin: tanned tone/brown brow ~ 15 from Tuli

date: 10/10/07

Friday, 4 January 2008

I see trees of green…

…no red roses anywhere!

Wandering around Fashion Mode on Amour, I saw this green dress in the window. OK, not really the green one, but the style, which dragged me into the store. The dress comes with matching stockings, but I combined it with some tintable ones from Veschi to have a better match with the hair. To keep warm the lovely scarf from BP* had to be bought…Yay!


dress: Diabolique – Green from Battered Boudoir

stockings: Cozily Tintable Stockings Bottom from Veschi

shoes: silk wrapped shank heel – portabello from Paper Couture

specs: greta *green* from artilleri

scarf: long scarf and fallen leaves ( red) from BP*

hair: “Maya” – Dusk from Naughty

eyes: Arctic Ocean (Big) from Miriel

skin: Sun Kissed-Spring-Peony from Gala Skins

The Office

I put this together for my first (and last) work meeting I ever had in SL…and it was acutally just for fun. But in my eyes I hit the “Yeah, you‘re the boss and I work for you“-look quite well har-har.


shirt and pants: Quadrate Shirt and Slacks from Nyte’N’Day

shoes: Alethea – Midnight from LC Vamp

specs: greta *purple from artilleri

necklace: Buttons of fun! Necklace *Mod* (Silver) from Kimberly Casanova Designs

bangles: Swirly Purple Bangles from Sh*t Happens

hip-thingy: Jersey Girl Pant Decoration (actually comes with those pants) from Veschi

hair: dallas *brown* from artilleri

skin: skin sep doll girly from BP*

eyes: Strong Green from Miriel

Yay! October!

Finally I put the September folder behind me and will offer you my first autumn outift. If you don’t like Veschi, you shouldn’t read any further or dare to scroll down.

Look! I found new black-mop-hair! With a cute little hat! OMG!



coat: Autumn-atic from Veschi

shorts: Poofy Khaki Shorts (without the poofy bits) from Veschi

socks: kushukushu kutsushita BROWN (what?!) from SHOP SEU

shoes: Enchant White from Maitreya

hair: Vanilla Hair with Small Hat from from CREAMSHOP

skin: skin sep autumn juicy from BP*

eyes: Arctic Ocean (Big) from Miriel

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