Monday, 17 March 2008

Where are my headphones???

Funny story….well, not really. I’ve mentioned the sock-till-you-drop-shopping earlier (1L$ per pair) and I really, really wanted to use the white/light pink based socks…My brain told me to buy a simple dress, preferably in black…it also told me, that I’d seen something quite nice at Maitreya. You can see, that it didn’t really worked out. It’s a well balanced, perfectly put together blahblah outfit, but it does not have the colourful socks…it just didn’t work. Of course I’m rather pleased with this anyway, ’cause it’s simplicity is just beautiful. I’d like to point out that the dress has an amazing fit, although it’s a prim-skirt (they never fit perfectly…well, considering, what I call perfect ;-))


dress: Sendal Dress – Black from Maitreya

socks: roslin’s retro leggings! (red) from corduroy

shoes: Dalia Pump – Black from Armidi

hair: Libby – Fire Blackened from ETD

eyes: black eyes from Tuli

skin: Spectral F [Lost Gloom Slayer] from Whispers of Night

pose: Dr. DJ MD from PUDGE

date: 09/01/08


Friday, 11 January 2008

Don’t know why that happened….

…it wasn’t made for Halloween, but it came in handy on the 31st of October.

It took me ages to find that skin, since I was looking for something very lifeless and beautiful. The white skins from nomine were too alive…kind of…


dress: Fallen (black) from Canimal

tights: Torn socks over stockings – black from Canimal

shoes: Lady Victoria boot – black from Shiny Things

hair: lola black from Analog Dog

skin: Spectral F [Lost Gloom Slayer] from Whispers of Night

eyes: Cherry Blossom from Miriel

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