Friday, 4 January 2008

I see trees of green…

…no red roses anywhere!

Wandering around Fashion Mode on Amour, I saw this green dress in the window. OK, not really the green one, but the style, which dragged me into the store. The dress comes with matching stockings, but I combined it with some tintable ones from Veschi to have a better match with the hair. To keep warm the lovely scarf from BP* had to be bought…Yay!


dress: Diabolique – Green from Battered Boudoir

stockings: Cozily Tintable Stockings Bottom from Veschi

shoes: silk wrapped shank heel – portabello from Paper Couture

specs: greta *green* from artilleri

scarf: long scarf and fallen leaves ( red) from BP*

hair: “Maya” – Dusk from Naughty

eyes: Arctic Ocean (Big) from Miriel

skin: Sun Kissed-Spring-Peony from Gala Skins


Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Back to school/college/uni

This outfit happened because I was stupid (again). Actually I bought these boots to go with the Dakota dress from artilleri. I must have been drugged or something…then…I saw the jacket at Canimal and there was hope for those poor way too detailed little boots. Yay!

The tank/sweater actually came in a set with matching pants, but it was then, that I found out: boots and capris with prims on the lower leg can be an issue. *sighs*


Picture taken by Windlight-Geek

tank & sweater: Chill Sweater – Cotton Candy from Celestial Studios

jacket: Varsity Jacket (women) blue dk from Canimal

capris: jeans capris dark from Tuli

shoes: Stiletto Sneaker in Naughty Navy from Tickled Pink

hair: “Impulse” – Golden Bay Multitonal III from Naughty

skin: Sun Kissed-Spring-Frosty Petunia from Gala Skins

eyes: Sapphire from Miriel

In the navy

I loved this dress so much when I saw it at artilleri that I had to buy it. Of course there was nothing to go with it, so I had to buy everything else as well (hair, skin, jewellery, shoes). Which isn’t a problem today for me, but those good old days *yawn* the L$ wasn’t spent that light-hearted like today.

Having changed the colour of the ribbon to red (stupid me couldn’t/can’t change the blue stripes to white), the not really 100% matching shoes looked much better to me. Not perfect, but still nice to look at 😉


Picture taken by Windlight-Geek

dress & socks: dakota from artilleri

hair: Jami *red* from artilleri

eyes: Blue Ice from Miriel

earrings: Drop chain dangle earring, Carnelian from Shiny Things

necklace: yarr! necklace *red* from artilleri

skin: Pale-Bling-Cold Heat from Gala Skins

shoes: Enchant Red from Maitreya

Monday, 17 December 2007

Sleepy in Pink


When I saw this dress, or better said set (top and skirt), at Cherry Tokyo’s Kimonos I had to buy it. I had nothing much to go with it in my inventory. The hair was easy, but finding the boots nearly killed me (sorry….I said nearly har-har). After all that hard work I was really, really pleased with myself. And I still quite like it, the longer I stare at it. So if you don’t like it, stare at it!


Pictures taken by Windlight-Geek (click for a better stare)

top and skirt: Frenchy from Cherry Tokyo’s Kimonos

hair: Amanda (Pink Burnt) from *Lucky!* Crimson & Clover

eyes: Cherry Blossom from Miriel

skin: Sun Kissed-Spring-Frosty Petunia from Gala Skins

necklace: Find Your Way Necklace – Silver/Pink from Miriel

ring: Moodra Ring (Pink Blush) from Tickled Pink

boots: Sleek laceup boots 2.0 – steel from Shiny Things

The last survivor of July

Beside the army kimono outfit, this is the only survivor of my first month in Second Life. I don’t really like the shape anymore (to be precise: the face) but oddly enough men seeme to like it *shrugs*. Later I updated it a bit with matching jewellery. The bra you see, was my very first…That’s quite some important information, eh? 😉

Sorry for the poor picture quality.


blouse: Atomic Top (sapphire) from Last Call

pants: Alizee Dark Wash Jeans from Last Call

hair: “Impulse” – Salmon from Naughty

skin: Sun Kissed-Spring-Abulon from Gala Skin

eyes: Caribbean from Miriel

necklace: Glass Squares necklace – blue from Shiny Things

bra: Pantie Set 9 Undershirt from Naughty

ring: Moodra Ring(Purple Joy) from Tickled Pink

shoes: heelless peaked toe stiletto – placid from Paper Couture

Thursday, 13 December 2007

The Survivor

This wasn’t exactly my first outfit. I had a few, which were built from the fruits (oh, dear) of my first shopping attack at LastCall/Canimal and with my first bought shape, which had way too huge tits breasts, was too tall and no modify. Those days I was happy just finding stuff that matches…I didn’t really know what was out there. Poor little me….aaaawww.

So this is the one that survived several “OMG what happened to my inventory?”-moments.

My first…kinda

I’m an awful photographer (obviously), but I couldn’t wait for my dear windlight-geek-friend (hope, he doesn’t read this) to get in the right mood, so I just made this oh, so cute shot myself. Yeah, the poster really scared me there…

Kimono: army yukata kimono female green from CREAMSHOP

Hair: Amanda (Greenie) from *Lucky!*, now Crimson & Clover

Fan: Animated Fan – Multi from *CTK* Cherry Tokyo’s Kimonos

Shoes: Mishi’s Lucky Cat Platforms from She’s So Unusual Shoes my very first pair of non-freebie shoes YAY!

Skin: Sun Kissed-Spring-Katydid from Gala Skin

Eyes: Basic Brown from Miriel

Poster: Emily The Strange fanart by Takamura Keiko (link to myspace site)

Edit: I had to change the title of this post. Hope nobody thought it was about my first sexual adventure in SL…which hasn’t happened and hopefully won’t happen. 😉

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