Friday, 18 September 2009

50L$ Friday – reeky rain cloud

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Are you in a good mood and can’t get your spirits down no matter what you try? With this fab cloud you can alter your mood to your(!) likings! Yay! It’s available (already) at Reek’s mainstore on Harold and costs L$50. Comes in three attachment-point-versions! (huh?) erm Yay! 😉
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Sorry for the bad pic…it didn’t look that bad in the viewer. *harhar*


Thursday, 10 January 2008

Standing in the rain

Usally the weather on the grid is rather pleasant and even in RL-Winter there’s no need to cover up. Unless some nice resident installs rain right above your favourite spot on your favourite sim.

This was quite an impulse buy and I hardly run around in it (unless it’s raining of course). It has loads of cute little prim details and came as a set: Coat, wellies and leafbrella…aawww


pink stuff: rain coat, rain shoes, umbrealla of leaf from BP*

shorts: jeans shorts dark from Tuli

ring: Novelty Rings – Frogger from Canimal

hair: tamara black from Analog Dog

eyes: Graphite from Miriel

skin: skin sep doll girly from BP*

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