Thursday, 30 July 2009

Attack of the Pencil


A few days ago I saw those pictures popping up amongst my contacts on Flickr. They’re from James Schwarz: If I could make clothes in SL. (click pic for link to his Flickr-stream)


One day later I saw this. I know that from somewhere, I thought to myself (I don’t have a brain, so it is actually tricky to access memory). From the comments (click pic for Flickr-page) I found out, that Jojorunoo Runo created a virtual real version of one of his sketches and is offering it as a freebie in her little store (s. SLurl down there). Spending ZERO L$ doesn’t usually do it for me, so I also grabbed the new(ish) Summer Noodle Chairs as well, which go nicely with the 11prim skybox! Yay! *coughs*

Then I got really excited about this and felt a rush to do a weird outfit with it. Well, at the end it is not that weird, but still….
The pants from :sey have been in my NEW!!!-folder for SL-ages because there was always some colour or pattern or both interfering with it (Aha? Right…). Thanks to the colourless nature of the shirt it was an instant flush of happiness. Awww!
I tried a lot of hair, but when I accidentally had some hair from booN in ash on my skull I tped. Then I got shot several times, reported that to LL and blahblah…at the end I had some short hair and some braid-attachment in my inventory. Yay! BooN is offering several additional hair pieces…a bit overpriced compared for the full-style versions, so check the price before you buy (A wise thing to do…always!), but a great way to spice up your…skull…*nods*

I hope you survived this lovely story…I didn’t. *tilts*

2009-07-30_00004shirt: James from RunoRuno

pants: Soft Jeans from :sey

shoesPornStar Lo-Tops from UBU

hair: NWA501 hair ash from booN + hairpieces ANNA45 ash

eyespc eyes by LL – night rain – from Poetic Eyes

skinGhost Organs – Sun Drops from Fashionably Dead

pose: Anything but body language, honey! from PUDGE

ARC: 814

date: 28/07/09

SL, Second Life, Windlight, Linden and SLurl are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Free sculpted bag!

:Sey opened a little store in/on Primitive City and for its opening you can get this bag for free! Just touch the board, no group-membership required. Yay! It even has a philosophical slogan on it, thoug I’m not sure it says Beat or Brat…. It won’t be there for long!
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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Sex free shirts!…and other stuff

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I was just clicking through my pile of LMs and landed at OHANA! Those items you see are free (yay!) and I had a dumb smile thanks to the “The Tshirt is sex free” on the left vendor. *giggles like a brainless school boy*
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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Free Samples at yummy Fresh Baked Goods!

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Maybe nothing new for most of you, but for me! I’m actually here to pick up the new stuff…this time I’ll search for the fatpack FIRST, not like last time *coughs* Those are “really” free…0 L$! *grabs*
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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Freebies! (for the guys)

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Due to the opening of the new Find Ash main store on Isle of Tranquility you can get those Freebies…maybe only today!
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Monday, 16 June 2008

Cute FREE shirt at Gbberish Boutique!

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I was gathering SLurls and found this on my way! It’s available in red as well, but that’s priced 220L$. Blue one’s ZERO L$! Yay!
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Monday, 2 June 2008

Free Bie at Bombon!

Sorry for this….BlogHUD’s cross-posting feature doesn’t seem to work today. So for now I’ll post a link to the BlogHUD entry. I don’t even know how to get the picture in here, it wasn’t transmitted to flickr either. *sighs*

Happy Shopday! 😉

Freebie at Bombon!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Raus aus dem Versteck!

Oh, I’m funny again this morning, although I haven’t even finished my tea yet. Versteck send out a group-notice last night about two freebies. Hope some of you out there are not in the group and don’t feel any “duh!” coming up in their heads. Both are 0L$! The skirt is very interesting, ’cause it has three parts: pants, skirt and flexi-prim-skirt! So you don’t have your arse seperation line (whatever that is called) on display! Yay! Pants don’t look too bad on me either!
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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

FREE stuff from UnTone Quilt!

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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Chocolate with sushi! Yum!

Anyone who’s spending some time on flickr‘s numerous SL-related groups, may have seen this already. It sounds already manic in my head, but I have to say, it was a huuuuuge stack of fun to shoot…myself…erm. At the end it was hard, to delete too much, because I liked most of them, especially those sitting poses, which are tricky with skirts and most hairs (and I won’t try to get one of the 180 prims of my wig, to make it look “normal”). So if you enjoy the outfit as much as I did (do), you can check out my 345 pix of it on flickr. *harhar*

The shirt from Twosome (Hands up, whose parents/grandparents had that kind of pattern on the wall! *remembers something like that in green, with orange sofas and a very, very, very fluffy and hairy (partly because of the cat-hair in it) rug*) was my starting point and I had to find stuff to go with it. Did a lot of shop/sim-hopping and found some really cute things, like the pants from KUROTSUBAKI, which are FREEEEEE!

I’ve seen quite a few of blogs (Edit: I found the bookmark for the blog-post I’ve seen/read first about them!) mentioning the shoes from Stiletto Moody and this is my first pair. They’re expensive (very!), but they’re the best I’ve seen for classy killer-heels. They come with a ton of options: walkAO, bling, heel-click, adjustable frequency and volume. Personally I prefer the bare settings. You can easily change all that by clicking on your left shoe.

I could go on and on about this, but I don’t want to bore you half to death…enjoy! 😉


shirt: Passion Fruit Retro Polo – from Twosome

pants: dot_pants from KUROTSUBAKI

shoes: Elegant Slingback (Rose Gold) from Stiletto Moody

armwarmers: handwarmer (gray) *hihi* from UnTone Quilt

hair clip: Sushi Plate Headpiece from Bebe

hair: –fuafua hair [apricot brwon]– from SHOP SEU

eyes: black eyes from Tuli

skin: chocolate Skin02 from Minajunk

pose: Swoosh from Twosome

date: 19/02/08

SL, Second Life, Windlight, Linden and SLurl are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

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