Friday, 18 January 2008

Baked sweet potato? Anyone?

Wow! What a title and then this?

I was looking for ages for a “proper” African-SL-shape. Never found one…played around with my shape and this came out. I “developed” (yeah, right!) a skinny and a “normal” one (on which some shoes look very, very weird….you’ll read about that later *sighs*). Again loads of inventory discoveries were used.

I have to add that the Minnu Model Skins have the best skins for my intentions. I was amazed that I was NOT hit in the face with cool locations in the search…lots of skins have a funny (bad way!) blue/green/grey-ish touch to it. If anyone out there knows alternatives: To me! Now! Thanks 🙂


t-shir: Musical Geisha Tee from Boing Fromage

jacket: Canimal – Baggy Top (camo brown) from Canimal

pants: Lowrise Cargos (brown) from Canimal

knickers: Boygirl Undies (Unisex) from Boing Fromage

shoes: Vengence (DarkGreen/Gold) from Mary Jane Shoes

earrings: Camie’s *Gold* Camboo Bamboo Earrings (double) from Kimberly Casanova Designs

bangle: bangle D-brown from *DP*YumYum

hair: Afro xl from MAU’s & MEJ’s

skin: Dark SkinGloss-Panther from Minnu Model Skins

eyes: Basic Brown from Miriel

date: 30/10/07


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