Thursday, 9 April 2009

Feeling Drowsy? Yay!


I’ve got a little obsession with Drowsy since the little store opened on the Koenji sim. *coughs*

I wonder if it might have something to do with the fact, that it’s a collaboration between BP*‘s BettiePage Voyager, Zero Number‘s Mai Runo and Kurotsubaki‘s Nico Rotaru and sato Yifu? Hmm….tough question…*coughs again*


Every shirt is only 85L$ and even better than it looks, for our pleasure all layers are included as well.
Some of them have back prints on them, which can’t be seen in the store. If you feel an addiction coming up, you should check out their Flickr streams (see links under some of the names) or just buy every single shirt (I’m getting there!). Also you might get a better view by clicking the pics from the store…there’s one shirt hanging at the table I couldn’t get on the picture but I hope you get *harhar* the picture!


Happy Drowsing! \o/


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