Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Punk Princess and The Peacock


Sorry no princess, no peacocks! Ever wondered about the word peacock?…Okaaaaay….

Usually I like to combine different designers for one outfit, but I liked this dress so much, that I even took the matching shoes. Both are from TOSL (Tree of SL äh… Tree & Ocean SL). The dress is available in four colours (ther others would be Royal Rose (orangy), Sugarplum (plumy) and Moonstone (silvery)). The belt-part of the three prim-attachments comes in three sizes and the skirt in a scripted version (for proper sitting) as well. With the sub-layers (No onions, please!) this dress looks absolutely gorgeous…way better than on pictures. The only downside (I don’t care about): You cannot wear necklaces like you’d normally do. You’d have to take the belt-part off (which someone did on one blog some weeks ago…bookmark? What’s that?) or look for alternative attachment points and bend your necklace around your neck (chest, spine and pelvis are taken).

The tights were a mispurchase (colour didn’t match as I was dreaming about it) some time ago. They’re from *Sheer*, which is my favourite tights-store in SL…not that there are many of them…

Skin and hair are both from BP*. The skin is offering a rather nude, fresh look (I’m wearing chaotic lashes with it here), but has some lashes and eyshadow painted on already.

Oh, the pose I used for the pic below *points* is called Zombie Love and is from LAP (Long Awkward Pose). I believe it was a Halloween-freebie. All of them looked fab with this dress…well, to my taste it did. *hehe*


dress: *Punk Princess* Party Dress Peacock from Tree & Ocean SL

tights: Nylons Dark Violet from *Sheer*

shoes: *Punk Princess* Heels v1.2 Peacock from Tree & Ocean SL

hair: summer chignon from BP*

eyes: Icey Eyes – Hazel from Detour

skin: AUG skin 1/pastel from BP*

pose: Zombie Love 3 from Long Awkward Pose [LAP]

ARC: 2582

date: 12/08/08

SL, Second Life, Windlight, Linden and SLurl are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

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  1. OK, this is absolutely wonderful. You look amazing! Unique and fresh. I shall be picking one of these dresses up today. I have an “umbrella” dress from TOSL in silver and they do a silvery lame texture better than almost anyone.

    Comment by aisururieko — Sunday, 30 November 2008 @ 23:12

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