Monday, 6 October 2008

How many circles?

Why is it so hard for me to find a title for a post? Annoying!

I put this outfit together while cleaning up my New stuff folder, which was very packed around that time. So everything was bought more or less blindly or already was lurking in my inventory (like skin, hair, shoes)…you know those shopping attacks when you’re in one store or mall or whatever and Oh, that’s nice!, Oh, that would look nice with denims/a skirt/nothing!, and Oh, I saw that on X’s blog the other day! is always followed by a right-click->buy->*wait*->buy (or how ever you buy)?

The top from Dutch Touch I love for its beautiful texture with shadows and crinkles. The pants are also from Dutch Touch, have a lovely greenish touch. The leg prims are amazingly in the right colour/shading, which seems to be a common problem with other pants (I own)…so they’re hardly noticeable. Yay!

Thanks to the ribbon and the ringlike buckle on the side (cleverly not visible on the pic >.<) the hair from BP* goes pretty well with the thingy of the top.

With the skin from Detour and my favourite flats (sorry, yet again) from Periquita I added a touch of pink…otherwise it looked too dark and dull to me.

top: LongTop Print Blue from DUTCH TOUCH

pants: Low Waist Jeans Dark Colored pockets from DUTCH TOUCH

shoes: Funny Girl Flats Pink from Periquita

hair: hippie girl hair 1 blue denim from BP*

eyes: Icey Eyes – Blue from Detour

skin: Irina 4 from Detour

pose: Tadaa from Twosome

ARC: 5052 (What?!)

date: 25/06/08

SL, Second Life, Windlight, Linden and SLurl are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

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  1. Great outfit and pic! (I am a big fan of big pics.) ^:^

    Comment by Grady Echegaray — Tuesday, 7 October 2008 @ 1:51

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