Monday, 19 May 2008

Planty by Nature

Just another stupid title, I should consider giving my posts numbers…but then I have to count and that demands some thinking….*hrmpf*

Usually I don’t like to buy a dress and wear it without adding at least tons of accessories, because there’s nothing to it…kind of. But I liked this dress from MG Fashion so much, I had to buy/wear it. You can wear it without the prim around your stomach, if you don’t like the loose fit. Available in seven colours; comes with several layer-options and two skirt-versions.

Detour has some amazing skins on offer, especially those with freckles. Most of them come with heavy, colourful eye-makeup! The textures they’re using on their cute hair-styles are also quite impressive, very natural looking (on the pic not really noticeable) maybe a bit “OMG use some deep conditioner!” from time to time. 😉

In case you’re wondering: The flowerpots are from BP*!

dress: Eva tunic (olivedrab) from MG Fashion

socks: group gift1 from *DP*YumYum

shoes: Flower Heels v1.3 L *Tropics* Hardwood from Tree of SL

hair: Luna – Carrot – Flexi Hair from Detour

eyes: Green Eyes from Minnu Model Skins

skin: Meghan 4 from Detour

pose: *fresh poses* 130 from AnaLu

ARC: 2136

date: 25/03/08

SL, Second Life, Windlight, Linden and SLurl are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

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