Monday, 14 April 2008

Thank *beep* for stretchy fabrics!

(Please enter appropriate worship character for the *beep*!)

Actually I gave up shape shopping a long time ago, but (bored as usual) on one shopping spree I saw those shapes over at PUDGE. I bought the Zosia Plus Size Shape and took a very close look at my new me. After I ‘d tried some clothes on, I figured…hm, not that easy if you want to look good/normal/blah…I altered the shape a bit, made it a bit taller and some other small changes…ok, that’s boring.

I put on some of my sleeping Veschi-fat*hrhr*-packs and I liked that on me *points to picture*. Of course the skirt is quite short, but with those lovely tights? 😉

sweater and skirt: Cozily Brown Sweater from Veschi (comes with the skirt as a set)

tights: Tights Nylon Leaves Black from *Sheer*

shoes: Elegant Slingback (Black Twinkle) from Stiletto Moody

hair: booN TOM14 hair ash from booN

eyes: Dunno! Inventory swallowed this information! Looks like BP*’s eyes…?

skin: Pale SkinGloss(Freckles)-Teacher from Minnu Model Skins

pose: Someone drilled a hole in my head from PUDGE

date: 12/03/08

SL, Second Life, Windlight, Linden and SLurl are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

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