Friday, 28 March 2008

Granny’s wearing a lifejacket!

Oh, oh…I am sooo lazy lately. Well, if you consider shopping in our Soluble Liquids (TM of whom? Can’t find the comment anymore…) as a productive activity…then I was very, very busy! 😉

When the Tree of SL-update notice informed me about sculpted blouses, I just thought: Häh?. Later, on just another busy shopping-tour I understood. Wow! The new thing is a sculpted torso-prim! I see! Quinlan Quimby even offers a fitting service in the notecard with your purchase. I tried the blouse on my fuller figured shape and either it looked like a lifejacket or it was invisible thanks to breasts and belly. *hrhr* A glitch-layer (undershirt/shirt) is included and should be worn, so no flesh is flashing. Although the notecard says, you shouldn’t wear it alone, I’ve seen people doing just that and it still looks cute *shrugs*. Oh, and ToSL has matching shoes for the flowery blouses!

Having already Aden‘s Hair and Tuli‘s skin in my pocket (it’s biig!), I decided to go with a rather simple, no-colour-explosion look. A simple black&white look with flats and a discreet splash of orange here and there. The 60s feeling reminded me of the Tres Blah high wasted denims, which are just perfect with the blouse. Don’t you agree, the granny-potential is still in range of the tolerable!


blouse: *Tulips* Blouse v1.2 Soleil from Tree of SL

pants: faded juju highwaist from Tres Blah

socks: simply tinted default socks, does the job for this one 😉

shoes: Sculpted Ballet Flat – Black – from Sand Shack Surf Co.

bangles: *Lickin’ Good* Bracelet v1.3 Liquorice Twist from Tree of SL

hair: Edie (Black) from Aden

eyes: black eyes from Tuli (not visible on this shot…duh)

skin: S5 asian ~ natural 1 (freckles) from Tuli

pose: model013 from Lotta

date: 18/02/08

SL, Second Life, Windlight, Linden and SLurl are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

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