Wednesday, 6 February 2008

First of December!

First of all I’d like to apologise to all the fashion.iheartsl.com<3-readers, who had to scroll away my blogHUD-madness lately. It should work now properly (was my fault of course) and only brilliant fashion posts should percolate through…haha 😉

I jumped a few very casual outfits from November; they were basically jeans+T-shirt…nothing I hadn’t worn before. Having said that I’d still like to present this very casual and bland outfit. Well, bland for usual SL-relations…

I can’t remember (as always) exactly, but from the bracelet saved with the outfit, it must have been around the time Le Zoo opened its TPs to the public; the lovely Les Animaux Vintage Souvenir Charm Bracelet (wow, what a name), which is still available at Argyle Boutique or the gift-shop on Le Zoo (for freeeee!). Clever-me chose a picture for the blog, where you actually can’t see the bracelet. For the very keen ones I’d like to refer to a picture on my flickr page.

The denims and the shoes are both from Armidi. They have an amazing quality particularly the shoes. The picture doesn’t quite catch that. The whole shoe looks like a real shoe! I’d loved to show you, but I easily get cold feet these days. OK, I haven’t thought about it, when I took the pictures earlier (>.<); . The denims come in three styles in one pack: Capris, Regular and Skinny. The skinny version is ideal for the pants-in-boot-look (when worn without the lower prim-part of course). I’d say these are my favourite pair of denims at the moment…

The shirt from Tres Blah is available in different colours. Be aware, that it’s on the jacket layer only (well, at point of purchase it was).


top: stripey goodness (brown) from Tres Blah

pants: (F/Skinny) A001 Jeans [Faded Classic] from Armidi

shoes: (F-Size 0) – Skull S001 Shoe (Blk/Silver) from Armidi

hair: dallas *black* from artilleri

eyes: (True Enhance) Eyes – Deep Sea from Armidi

skin: Pale SkinGloss(Freckles)-Teacher from Minnu Model Skins

date: 03/12/07


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