Monday, 14 January 2008

Popping down my local Gion

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The Gion Project seems to enjoy a bit of blog attention lately, so I’ve decided to take another look around. Standing around like an idiot (stupid RL-Avatar thought it’s OK to walk away and leave me to it), I was greeted by Sammy Biddle.


She is the owner and producer of the Gion Project and is very keen on “foreigners” (non-Japanese) getting to know Gion better. She noticed the link to my blog in my profile and asked me to write about it (I told her, no-one reads my blog, but she didn’t care *har-har*). I thought to myself: “Well, I like to hang around here, why not write something about it?” Since I’m an absolute rubbish writer, I hope the pictures tell you more.


I hope, it’s not going to rain…..


The evening sun’s helping to lighten up this almost hidden path up the mountain. Yeah, dozens of red Toris (those red gates) are hardly visible to my eyes…*coughs*


Look! There’s a key! (wondering what that’s about? Check the website of the Gion Project)


Damn! What are all those people doing in the lovely Onsen? I have to scare them off with my dancing skills…*dmao*


Ah, all gone! Can’t see much with all that steam and glowing balls (??). And my arse will be soon one item with the rock….


That’s better! Aren’t we lucky that prims are water- and stainproof?


Feeling warm and relaxed again, I’m wandering around the sim, seeing various places to relax and to stare at mother nature or sim-borders. Since my WL-Viewer doesn’t like my ATI-card too much, I thought my precious me is a better view for this shot. (Oh, I’m such a modest avatar!)


Let’s indulge in Japanese ancient music!


Oh, what the hell…drinking free sake is way more fun and still culture *hicks*


I WANT *hicks* MORE SAAAA~~~*hicks*~~~AAAAKE!!!!!





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