Friday, 4 January 2008

Veschi Bubbles

This time I won’t mention the shop-attack I had back then in blahblahblah….*mbls*

So again a Veschi-outfit. Canimals torn socks always a great match (Yeah, heard of Corduroy by now…they make great socks, especially if they put them on sale for 5L$ each!*caughes heavily*) . The button of the shirt is colourable and the bubble-thingy around the stomach comes in two sizes.


shirt: Bubble Shirt Blue from Veschi

pants: Jersey Girl Pants Lower from Veschi

socks: Mismatched old socks (rainbow purple) from Canimal

shoes: Ballet Flats -Sequins- from Kimberly Casanova Designs

bangles: both from Veschi

necklace: Buttons of fun! Necklace *Mod* (Silver) from Kimberly Casanova Designs

hair: Curly Hair from Zero Style

skin: skin sep doll girly from BP*

eyes: Dirty Blue (Big) from Miriel (not really visible, but a great match ;-))


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