Sunday, 30 December 2007

Creators Stamp Rally 2007 Winter

When I purchased a nice knitted jumper from BP*, I wondered what that StampCard thing in my inventory might be. I read the notecard only half-heartedly and didn’t quite get it. Today I understood! Wow, brainy me! Luckily I did not delete all of those stamp-cards, three survived. Cleverly attached all three cards to my HUD, I jumped the grid and found some interesting shops on the jump as well.

Oh, I bought this kotatsu (comes in three different colours!) on the way…which brought me yet another stamp-card, has yet to be filled. It’s from Over Drive.


Here’s what I exchanged my three first cards for…


Garden table with chairs (and four cool sits!) from MilcaHolic


Cat type rocking chair “Neko-cha” from MnM Design

…and the present from BP*, which I haven’t “worked” on yet.

If you want to join the hunt for stamps/presents, check out this site! Each purchase at any of the listed shops gives you one stamp-card!

Happy tping! 😉

Update: Blogposts from the professionals!

shopping cart disco Some of the clothes are discussed there…got to get those boots…*mumbles*



  1. I have that same kotatsu! IWhile searching for the perfect kotatsu I had purchased like 3 really crappy ones. After popping into Overdrive, was like OMG MUST GET NOW. *cough* simply awesome.

    Heehee, CSR 2007 is the bestest thing evah! There are soo many cute shops to be found while collecting the stamps. So far I’ve gotten the Uno Kitty arm/shoulder doll, the white table +chairs set, beige-colored engineer boots and some crazy, elaborate “Dragoth” avatar outfit thinger. Have a couple more cards to fill out, yay!

    Comment by pirilatte — Thursday, 10 January 2008 @ 20:53

  2. […] I know…in SL-time this is very close to being embarrassing, to blog NOW about CSR-happiness (What?). But these are among my favourite outfits in my inventory, so you have to stay with me here […]

    Pingback by Shop ’till you stamp! « Fallobst — Friday, 7 March 2008 @ 20:37

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